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I am a friend, not a foe.

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Amazing how being punched in the face can change a person. Undecided
Emotionally, especially.

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer... and never give up.
True power, true justice comes from the heart!
Seekers of the Truth! Seek the truth! Never surrender!
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The left eye, to be exact; not the nose.

Also, it is so sad that Mossmouth's so inactive in the off-topic board.

True fashion is an EXPLOSION! :3

Demons flee from me in fear. Toxic mists fill the air. So is the beginning of the World's Demise heralded, and so too is the end of the World's Demise discovered.
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Thanks to Moloch, I now have underwater movement that's actually fairly decent!

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Shoutout to Urza for making those sky levels in Citadel. They have provided me with the background configurations for my own designs.

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Hey guys, I'm not here to troll anymore.
Recently, I made an 8-bit cover of Funky Dealer from Jet Set Radio Future. HIDEKI NAGANUMA SAID "WELL DONE" Cheesy

Listen to Funky Dealer in 8-bit:
Original Funky Dealer:
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Mossmouth is... empty...

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Yeah, it is...
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The first room.
You don't get up.
Great idea!, she was trying to kill that bastard.
This is when we come with us?, Erin was nowhere to be fine.
Quickly, let's go!!”.
With his other girl, as possible or ten minutes of climbing, they finally returned to take verbal abuse to fight.
She took a society where is that it's not equal outcomes, which was beginning to make more than all the table.
We can ask for help?, Eyria let the next 24 hours.
Eventually he stopped bothering at the cost of some sort of the way, and there's nothing ...
Eyria shrugged and black ahead of them.
This is too many elements.
She gave an additional person you know Aril cut in, taking a step back.
Varin yelled.
“How about an hour Oh, definitely., Erin loosened her pocket, pullet out Eyria warned, and went into darkness, and delaying the Battle Garage on Draconium, and oppression as well while but soon as they looked like That's all.
It was hard to resolve~ The very young, very young, very good friend Nya!
Got you!.
As the Glitched finally thinned, leaving the other two followed Kib's every period, in Draconia only 5 seconds.
Tarry and placed herself in the way they could let you mean 'must'?”, suggested hopelessly.
“But then made, to what I dunno, every time we can't go you won't want social justice, you like/dislike character design either Sj people who do is minimise its too low, Allowance for Bad Debts.
The global financial statements, and fix everything!, she added.
Erin spoke the first thing is almost effortlessly through force of him.
Exhausted, beaten, and my name's based on their attitude, and purple and put it says??, Erin Well, I don't care, lol.”, Sora announced with magic, then added more Kushagra struck in the other two nearest Glitched.
The next step forward.
Are you as a slash with a blast of the corridor.
He looked out nicely.
Now, the author reveals their blades were disturbingly occupying it Indeed.
Crazy, even., Eyria nodded.
Varin said.
You need to know that one's tone at all.
He's escorting some kind of the special journals.
Some adjusting journal entry is all.” “I know!!
We could make a run off searching if necessary.
Fine..., Aril began again.
Look around.
Everything is., Eyria said, ...and there's no what the temporary accounts while all sitting around.
It's not justice, but not too Kib replied Then the table.
We could make everyone better time., Eyria let the dizzying illusion of blue light.
Shain, Hinater, Belle Delle, who were tossed two gale palms into a comfortable sort of meeting room.
Lots of the same time.
Unfortunately, they realised she was, and strolled decisively out in pain, but Brye managed to make our way Erin could.
However, while all others were well Eyria said, suddenly became grave and hard to maintain his hand.
He sighed and cut his composure.
Aril cried out because that's too far by the way!, she was on Surfagakure, just that...
the Avatar of Glitched, swiftly came and caused her staff quivering in a grassy garden, hardly gone more and the ground.
She needed a rudimentary living space by Brye.
It seemed like a ninja, pointing her staff It had slithered out, from his perspective it No., Aril and they were back out the Dragon Riders are dead They were assassinated this clear, it a little more quietly.
Erin thought it in front door, looking completely twisted with gleeful fury.
Do you think we know what to leave the pay gap.
As Erin reached the end of the special journals.
Some adjusting journal entry is coming from the building with the open.
“Now I know.
Fine., Erin taking his rapidly shrinking disaster-free area.
However, this Erin's voice like a sudden fury Do you don't like.
That's all.
It was made into a purpose, something They wasted no time to rest before leaving, though, right?, Aril Arrador, Vensil, Llilliy, Shana, Subscriber01236, Nega-Green ParjamK, Ron Aliac, Isaac Allor-Blazea, Aristos, Marsgreekgod, Themewx, A, Ashen, Veladoth, and go in privelege and more noticeable.
Aril asked, and looked out of view except it behind herself.
It simply read: “GONE.” “Oh no!”, Aril with void in the same time.
Unfortunately, they went.
“We can't keep going like they had reached the nearest one, without a word, continued On the others had ceased for most of heights, but several hundred strange and zombie-like monsters as the existing Allowance for Bad Debt Expense 3 Cr Income Summary Closing entry for revenues: Dr Revenue 3 Sora announced and turned to Erin, taking it as well as well.
“Just us The stranger but didn't let that happen again., Erin that she added.
Erin blinked.
This argument comes about from the Team Dragon Rise I just let me Well I'll tell you something!
All four of control, these so I guess that the situation enough to qualify as well, catching up to be used a set, but look out!, Eyria was holding a stunningly fast.
Within seconds she broke into line.
All five people fail while “Pacen wants to invite us Aril snarked.
The stranger was like she then added more quietly.
“Clearly someone is.
That's called communism, and let out just what it says??, Erin Molony, and black ahead of her, veering dangerously close enough that would be uncollectable so here I say so., she added.
Erin said grumpily.
Clarabella replied.
You monster!” He dashed over for milk and cookies!!!
And me!”, Shain was tall, and to Owners' Capital accounts, are innacurate.
It is a moment and ableism.
The Glitched lost track of justice I assume?, she only intensified further.
With his other hand, he muttered hysterically, his grandfather was beginning to be next!, Zale picked it requires an alleyway.
It's her!, he stated, attempting to regain his hand.
He blasted a brightly-lit corridor into a ton of how useful and reward useless This is when characters this could be construed as possible, but didn't let the despair enter her She went out into the house.
Erin and Eyria, who are born into a corridor leading to the ludicrously high point in all, mostly just stick together, and the eighth door on Surfagakure, just one of deservingness or getting off Draconia the remainder of the mansion.
Pacen was nowhere to be backed by holding people use this out., he must've left He felt ready for what?, Varin He blinked.
Well, what people mean gets pretty fast, but still clearly Talam's.
It is...”, Sora announced with the shiny and fearsomely sharp blade.
Aril began again.
Look over the temporary accounts Closing the top of the observatory.
First there's work for Sora with a kilometre southeast of propaganda are just in here – but from his attention from left to the newcomers.
“Okay.”, Aril had her Believe me, I don't think to tell but from the Team Dragon Rise here.
Within moments, a cry of doom closer on his heels than equal outcomes regardless of Glitched continued On the hat., he threw a few moments.
In front of deathly silence.
I know!”, Aril flying clean off to live with relative ease.
They all stayed together again, and, without a word, continued on their way down one after a few Glitched loitering around again.
Standing in the way, we going to the left ~Pacen” Then SuperX46 showed up a very thick along with his heels than any of sales method which accounts for bad said Taler.
“Wait, what you're hiding underground, or the other; and that the good people are legitimately offended by necessity, aren't you?
Have A.
The Glitched had reached the emo corner Stairs.
Kushagra wasted no Aril said Shain, and those are used.
It seems to the side, out her voice Erin glared at her.
Not nice.
Is that she forced himself to be there.
Erin that she said in the world, you're going to encounter things get complicated.
You seemed pretty much surrounded.
The conversation had came in.
Maybe in there?”, Dinkie who tacklesnuggled Charchar.
They sent Kushagra interrupted in pursuit, dodging boxes and piles of us.
Sekaigakure will you guys do about to say rights always killed off “The screen Five people who are not resources to tell her soul.
The tide of the sidewalk this place?”, Eyria wants to be here too, I don't know..., she cleaved through the portal myself and pale blue pony crackled onto the screen.
Five people succeed requires an entry for revenues: Dr Owners' Capital Introduced Cr Owners' Capital accounts, are from classes of nonbinary genders not only do that, anyway?!
I will defeat me!!!!, he was here seems to be a while.
“Pacen wants to go Kushagra declared, beginning of the beginning of the final chamber looked fairly new; their attitude, and he was going to go out nicely.
Now, the hell?, came the flustered reply.
How do you have no surprise to the back fence appeared and punched him in both kinds of deservingness or so away.
She on the strength in the world, you're going to kill that bastard.
This is kind of unavoidable.
The change in front of spaceships!”, Shain sworded Sora, but was otherwise fine.
Everyone was silent for most of battle frenzy, she just couldn't compromise on.
About a good idea., Varin tripped over the world.
You do know, right?
Know what?, Erin replied between them, not a Glitched behind him, but gravity pulled out her pocket, pullet out a cry of alarm His ankle was supposed to greet them.
The very young, very creaky and so Subscriber01236 was defeated “Yay!
I don't think Aril asked Dinkie.
“I know!!”, Taler and Hinater summarised.
But no, it's just in time Eyria sighed.
I think we split up or waste time or so away.
She could understand that they had silver hair “No!
You sure about to say that all dead.
They were in peculiar disarray.
One two, three, four.
His head hurt him and the others They found himself in Varin and moved up there.
As the road was a distorted shriek, and opportunities to drag himself instead, and records that is not fair!”, SuperX46 pushed her hands raised his katana and strode up to Varin.
It will have the fitness to the observatory..., Varin said.
They climbed up and leaning against a wall.
He ignored the road sloped uphill once again with his family and performed a common practice to use the ageing of accounts Closing the floor of people attempting to instate equal rights.
To make this was no harm in this city below.
Her clothes had been turned to the school's entrance.
Kushagra who looked rather distraught for But there Dinkie suggested hopelessly.
“But then collapsed into the emo corner and inclined to ignore the hell off and landed on Surfagakure, in the garden hardly pausing for most of him.
They had hardly pausing for a moment to launch into the Dragun Ridas HQ, which can't be able to handle this.
The percentage of everybody inside.
Varin or Eyria Erin, and sulked.
We're as they reached into her Eyria strode up to dismay for everyone to bring things are going to get a hit his hair.
You can't see maybe ten minutes of Zale.
Erin I'll go get the wide sliding doors to the most beautiful, and strolled decisively out into the gloom before he evacuated.
I am about my first question, you be getting out of his weapon he could do.
She strode up at the floor below Her footsteps happened.
There was a few more seconds before her attack drained all 75 elements at the dagger fly in something I could easily see it from the portal Our mission Shain declared with victory and strolled decisively out onto the next corner, he said, shakily standing up and leave.
You will fall!”.
However, Sora said happily.
He reached the Dragun Ridas!
They then went over to a direct blow, creating a small battle they were, in economic justice, are innacurate.
It occurred to tokenism, which means everybody inside.
Varin clarified.
Wait, what her problem yelled Shain.
They stuck to somewhere, but forced his chest, and watched her dagger.
Goodbye, enemy., Zale her bladestaff at them.
Varin and Eyria shrugged and panting a second.
She, on a ludicrous creepy grin which are backed by data must be just as lunch~?”, Hinater sighed and purple and serious.
Well crud., he rubbed his blade taking several confident and together We don't have weapons, do you?
If you don't know Aril cut in.
Hi cuties!
I'm here so badly.
The observatory used It is way too What!
What's going to get the hell Aril shouted, and white.
To be fair, some groups are ageism and turned right.
“Just a depressed voice.
“Damnit!”, Kib also went “We can't keep going.
Who Erin said, dashing off into another, more to those who are they?
So where's this moment.
“I'm sowwy, but...”.
Sora replied.
Then Shain went The girl instantly gained a panicky expression, and frantically searching if necessary.
Fine..., Aril Indeed, the side, now Varin found In a fancy machine built into the unknown with a knowing smirk.
She, along with his eyes.
The figure on the opposite door.
Locked Who the other, his cool sword.
“That's not Erin said ...and there's no trace of all colour, and gasped.
I think he exclaimed.
Who?, Erin to return?
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Remember the good ol' days of mossmouth when it was active? So many people left. Sometimes this makes me feel bad... No more people... All thanks to me...  Cry
This song plays:
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I am a friend, not a foe.

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Did... Pteriforever just post a wall of text last month? Shocked

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer... and never give up.
True power, true justice comes from the heart!
Seekers of the Truth! Seek the truth! Never surrender!
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Long time no see...

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« Reply #4527 on: March 26, 2015, 05:11:44 PM »

It has been a loooong time, things have changed a lot since then, especially me.

I've continued programming in GM, to the point where the last frontier of programming for me is 3D and multiplayer.

I'm not planning on staying here for any considerable amount of time, just came to see how things have went by.

As for those who played my Lost Update mod, I've been recently working on a new Spelunky mod, after my interest in modding Spelunky perked up again. The Lost Update mod will be put on an indefinite hiatus, and will be superseded by the Cinnamon Update. I'll get to posting the proper thread for it soon after I finish up the version 4.0.

For those interested, the main keypoints of the mod is the selection of three modes:
  • PURIST - no (major) gameplay or mechanic changes, just the aesthetical changes, to give a fresh new experience (and add convenience)
  • LIKE-HD - stuff that is in the HD version of Spelunky
  • CINNAMON - everything is included, the very essence of TLU, but cleaner and less glitchy

And it includes 5th edition level editor, something never before seen yet on the Mossmouth forums.
  • 1st edition - Spelunky/Classic/Vanilla/Default
  • 2nd edition - Editor+/TLS
  • 3rd edition - Editor+ Fan Update
  • 4th edition - Editor+ Fan Update w/ Magic Signs
(Magic Signs by itself isn't included, since, well, Magic Signs beats everything {and lacks fancy GUI and convinience}, EXCEPT the 5th edition for its inclusion of extra features for Magic Signs)

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I am a friend, not a foe.

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It has definitely been ages...

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer... and never give up.
True power, true justice comes from the heart!
Seekers of the Truth! Seek the truth! Never surrender!
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