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Author Topic: Games I own/ have owned list  (Read 9601 times)
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« Reply #15 on: December 05, 2010, 01:12:16 PM »

I don't play most of the games I have, or even know I have a copy of them, but this is a list of all games I have or Have Had for a period of time.

Bomberman GB
DonkeyKong Land (not sure which)
Duck Tales 2
Ms. Pac Man
Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow
Super Mario Land 2

Gameboy Color
Some Cubix game.
Disney's Tarzan
Toy Story
Donkey Kong Country
Harry Potter 1
Legend of Zelda: one of the oracles
Looney Tunes  Racing
Mickey Mouses Racing Adventure
Pocket Bomberman
Pokemon: Gold/Silver/Crystal/Pinball/Trading Card Game
Tony Hawk ProSkater 2
WarioLand II
Some Mary-Kate+Ashley Game
StarWars Racing Game
BuzzLightyear Game

Gameboy Advanced
Aero the Acrobat
Bomberman Tournament<3
  Balloon Fight
  Clu Clu Land
  Mario Bros.
  Donkey Kong 3.
  Ice Climbers
Crash Bandicoot: 2, Purple
Dexter's Lab (don't remember which)
Disney Sports Skateboarding
Donkey Kong Country 2
Harry Potter 2, 3
Ice Age 2
Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past
Lilo and Stitch
Lord of the Ring: Fellowship, Towers, Return of the king
Mario Kart Super Circuit
Mario e-Reader Party
Pokemon: Ruby, Sapphire, LeafGreen, FireRed, Emerald, R+S Pinball
Puyo Pop
Rugrats Game
Scooby Doo Cyber Chase
Sonic Advance (I may have had more than the frist, I'm not sure)
Spyro: Flame, Ice, Rhynocs, Orange
Super Mario Advance: 1, 2, 4
Kidz Kards

Nintendo DS
Bomberman DS
Brain Age, 2
Cooking Mama
Crosswords DS
Drawn to Life
Exit DS
Internet Browser
Kirby: Canvas Curse
Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
Mario Kart DS
My: SAT Coach, Word Coach
New Super Mario Bros. DS
Nintendogs Chihuahua, Dachshund
Pokemon: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, SoulSilver, Trozei, Dash, Mystery Dungeon Blue
Professor Layton: Curious Village
Spiderman 2
Some Spongebob Game
Super Mario 64 DS
Tiger Woods 2005
WarioWare Touched
Yoshi: Touch and Go
Zoo Tycoon
The Eye Training game
My Cooking coach (it was my mom's xD but oh well.)


Paper Mario TTYD
Pokemon Colosseum, XD
Some Bowling Game
Supah Mario Strikarsss
Luigi's Mansion(I hated this game so much)
Shadow the Hedgehog
SA2:B (Favourite Gamecube game)
Mario Toadstool Gold
Tiger Woods 2003
1080 Avalanche
Namco Collection
Mario Party 4, 5, 6, 7
Kirby Air ride (I played it once, and I loved it)
DBZ: Budokai
DBZ: Budokai 2
Harry Potter 4
Bomberman Jetters
Lemony Snickets: A series of unfortunate events
Mario Kart Double Dash
Sonic Heroes
Sonic Mega Collection
Spyro Enter Dragonflyness
Sonic Riders (Still own. -.-)
DanceDance Revolution: Mario Mix.
Avatar the Last Airbender.
   And I played a whole bunch other Gamecube games that I was too lazy to list.

Rock Band, Beatles Rock band
DDR: Hottest Party (Worst waste of 90 or 60, (or whatever it was) dollars ever.)
DBZ Tenkaichi 2
Excite Truck
Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess
Mario Kart Wii
Mario Party 8 (faillllllllll)
MySims (bigger fail)
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Sonic and the Secret Rings
Sonic Unleashed (sucked)
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Super Paper Mario
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Tony Hawk Ride
Wii Fit, Plus
Wii Music
Wii Play
Wii Sports, Resort

Bomberman Blast
Excitebike World Rally
Pokemon: Rumble

Virtual Console
Donkey Kong
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. Wii
Super Mario World
Donkey Kong Country, 2, 3
Super Mario Kart
Super Mario 64
Mario Kart 64
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
Starfox 64
Waverace 64
Paper Mario
1080 Snowboarding
Kirby 64

yeah. That's the end of that list.  Even still, there are games I forgot about, or didn't see on wikipedia when i went through trying to remember which ones I had.

Oh, and at one point, we owned a Pinball Machine when I was maybe 5
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« Reply #16 on: December 05, 2010, 02:31:40 PM »

you OWNED Sonic Riders!?


pain suffering...


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« Reply #17 on: December 05, 2010, 07:40:47 PM »

I didnt mind sonic riders

aside from the fact that i either sucked at it or the ai was overpowered


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« Reply #18 on: December 05, 2010, 09:16:36 PM »

Yeah, the computers were way too hard for you to really be able to improve too much.
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« Reply #19 on: December 10, 2010, 01:55:25 PM »

Cave Days: What manner of game is this?

Baten Kaitos: Eternal wings and the lost ocean: is the voice acting not... painfull?

@Cave Days: Meh, can't really describe it.

@Baten Kaitos: I like it, though!

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