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886  Games / Source / Re: Game Maker Help Thread! on: January 09, 2010, 02:09:44 PM
Yep.  I think I can do it by duplicating the TikiHead, and changing the alarm event to a trigger.
887  Games / Source / Re: Game Maker Help Thread! on: January 09, 2010, 02:00:11 PM
How would I check if an idol has been picked up?
888  Games / Source / Re: Spelunky Editor Plus - Version 1 on: January 09, 2010, 11:18:18 AM
If the script for it is avalible for download/copying, I can add it myself.  And give you credit for making it, of course.
889  Games / Source / Re: Spelunky Editor Plus on: January 09, 2010, 04:17:48 AM
List updated.  Shops aren't on there because unlike the idol traps, I can't think how todo them.
890  Games / Source / Spelunky Editor Plus - Version 4.5 (With Sauce!) on: January 08, 2010, 03:38:34 PM
This mod adds a bunch of stuff to the editor from the game, as well as some other feature to help make better levels.

Download Link
Contains all R items.

[R]Thin Ice
[R]Key + Locked Chest
[R]Udjet Eye
[R]Restless Dead Tiles
[R]Spaceship Parts
[R]City of Gold Tiles
[R]Metal Blocks + Doors
[R]Idol Traps
[R]Dark Levels
[R]Basket Ball
[R]Thwomp Trap
[R]Lit Traps
[R]Ghost Timer
[R]Forced Ball 'n' Chain
[R]Gold Push Block
[R]Lady Xoc
[R]City of Gold Door (Can be labeled like normal exit)
[R]Shop Floors
[R]Ice Push Blocks
[R]Character Forcers
[R]Alternate Boarders
[R]Moai Head
[R]Idol Trap Triggering Buttons
[R]Idol Altars
[R]Customizable Locked Chests
[R]Ghost Trapped Crystal Skull
[R]Hidden Exits, fixed or randomly place
[R]Hidden Items, fixed of randomly placed
[R]Ash Graves
[R]Water + Water Below/Item Submergifier
[R]Miniboss Blocks
[R]Custom Altars.
[R]Itemless Minibosses
[R]Custom Miniboss Drops
[R]Item Remover
[R]Rising Bone Piles
[R]Single Ropes, Bombs and Flares
[R]Small Treasures
[R]Custom Crates
[R]Lamp Items
[R]Magic Signs
[R]Palm Trees
[R]The Surface
[R]Drag Boxes
[R]Frozen Cavemen
[R]Gold Patches in Blocks

This mod now uses a different way of sorting objects, 'borrowed' from halibabica.
Use 0,1,2,4,5 and 6 to switch between categories.  Also, Tab opens a Tile selector!
It also uses some sprites and code from TLS.  Thanks to halibabica for letting me use the stuff I've used.
Editor Plus now has Magic Signs, thanks to Urza letting me use them! Woo!

Hey, what's this tasty stuff leaking from the bottom of the post?

It the Sauce Code!
Also available in Game Maker 8.0 Flavour, however, this version lacks a few bug fixes and the latest Magic Signs updates.

Other Goodies:

Fan Update
Too Much Space Edition

Issues you might have:

I. I put a container on a layer, and an item on a different layer and it didn't work!
S. Layers are loader in numerical order. 1 then 2 then 3. Stuff that interacts with an item must loaded after the item. So if a chest is on layer 1, and the item on layer 2, it won't work. It's best to put items and containers on the same layer as each other.

I. I loaded a level in the latest version and it borked!
S. Basically, versions compiled in 8.1 have a different character map from 8.0 versions. To fix this, open the level in your favourite text editor. Then, select Save As. Change the encoding to UTF-8 and save the level. If your favourite text editor doesn't let you do that, try Notepad. Then complain to the creator of your favourite text editor for releasing a substandard product.
891  General / Discuss! / Re: Introduce yourself! on: January 08, 2010, 03:10:05 PM
I am Hyperme.  It is in no way a dumb internet name.

I found Spelunky through the DROD forums.  I've been playing since version 0.99.8.  I've lost over 1000 times, and won twice from the start.
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