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Title: Audiosurf
Post by: ZeSandvich on December 12, 2010, 09:25:18 PM
Audiosurf - Ride your music.  Has a free demo, and the game itself is $10.00 US dollars.

Audiosurf is a fun arcade-like game where you try to collect 3 cars (blocks) of a certain color  You get more points for how "hot" the color is:
Purple - 10 points
Blue - 20 points
Green - 30 points
Yellow - 50 points
Red - 80 points
My favorite part about this game is that you only play the songs you want to play.  You go through the documents you have saved on your computer and select a song from your music list that you want to play.  Another cool thing about it is that the pace the track goes depends on your music - it goes slower and uphill when you get to the calmer parts of the song, and when the song becomes more intense, the track goes faster and starts going downhill (I dare you to play TTFATF on elite difficulty).

This game DOES support two-player:  The player on the left uses the arrow keys, and the player on the right uses the mouse (I find this a bit unfair).

So, post your comments about this game below, whether it be your favorite songs to play or just your opinion on this game.

Title: Re: Audiosurf
Post by: marsgreekgod on December 12, 2010, 09:43:31 PM
I had seen videos, but that explanes what it's ment to be.


Title: Re: Audiosurf
Post by: Bae on December 13, 2010, 12:42:03 AM
I put a video up of it a while ago, to be honest i have no clue if the audio is synced lol

Apologies to Czech Republic, France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, and Spain who cannot view this video due to copyrights