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 1.1 - 12/25/2009

^ Compiled game in new version of Game Maker (8.0), which should fix some
  GM-related errors and speed up the game and make loading faster.

+ Added: alien boss to level editor.
+ Added: extended statistics are written to "stats.txt" upon game exit.
+ Added: more shopkeeper names.

= dark areas would not appear if you beat the previous level fast enough (to
  prevent frustrating speed runs).
= Moon Room minigame improved.
= Changed damage from longest falls.
= arrow traps now have arrows inside of them.

- Fixed bug: The Tunnel Man was too broken as a playable character.
    - Fixed bug: he could get hurt while exiting through doors.
    - Fixed bug: he could screw up the minigames with his mattock.
    - Fixed bug: he could jump while attacking with his mattock, so long
      as jump is pressed after attack.
    - Fixed bug: the title music stopped when you switch between the
      Spelunker and the Tunnel Man.
    - Fixed bug: no animation for when the Tunnel Man is eaten by a mantrap.
    - Fixed bug: Tunnel Man was missing his "look up" animation.
    = reduced starting life to 2. No bombs or rope.
- Fixed bug: when you first play the game, if you tried to back out of the
  tutorial you would be crushed in the wall on the title screen.
- Fixed bug: after betting at the dice house, you could destroy the blocks
  protecting the item without angering the shopkeeper.
- Fixed bug: pressing the keyboard's attack key causes you to load the level
  on the Load Level screen.
- Fixed bug: loading a non-existent level on the Load Level screen takes
  you to the custom win screen instead of providing a warning.
- Fixed bug: spikes were much more safe from distances of 2 blocks or
  smaller than in previous versions (possibly due to a physics change).
- Fixed bug: in rare cases, Black Market entrances would generate in every
  free tile on the map.
- Fixed bug: you could throw damsels onto spikes or into lava over and over
  again to obtain multiple kills.
- Fixed bug: if the player puts down an item and goes through the end door,
  he/she would be shown in the ending still carrying the item.
- Fixed bug: Player could get perma-stunned if attacked while doing a flip.
- Fixed bugs: problems with bow:
    - Fixed bug: priming a bow and then having it knocked out of your hands
      often caused the arrow to become permanently stuck to the player until
      a bow is picked up again.
    - Fixed bug: priming a bow and then switching to a bomb or rope caused
      lots of problems.
    - Fixed bug: bow flipped when you pressed away from wall while hanging.
    - Fixed bug: bow graphic jittered when priming.
- Fixed bug: being stunned prevents you from taking fall damage.
- Fixed bug: whipping yetis from the left knocked them towards you.
- Fixed bug: shopkeeper corpses could get stuck to webs while you were
  carrying them and could not be picked up from webs.
- Fixed bug: being stunned could cause you to lose an item permanently.
- Fixed bug: teleporters buried in ground could poke out of the ground.
- Fixed bug: jumping up, holding down, and pressing attack while holding
  shotgun would not cause the shotgun to fire.
- Fixed bug: flipping over a ledge wouldn't trigger arrow traps.
- Fixed bug: right-facing arrow traps that span with only a one-tile gap
  ahead of them would not fire their arrows. (Custom levels only.)
- Fixed bug: shooting kissing parlor damsels off-screen wouldn't anger
  the shopkeeper.
- Fixed bug: the compass marker shouldn't disappear when messages are also on
  the screen.
- Fixed bug: as Damsel or Tunnel Man, if you are crawling and facing right
  and then press run, you'd do a super wiggle.
- Fixed bug: trees would appear in front of shop signs.
- Fixed bug: items in lava would float in mid-air once the lava is drained.
- Fixed bug: items would sometimes show up in unbreakable walls.
- Fixed bug: skeletons (and other "bloodless" monsters) shouldn't leave
  blood on spikes.'
? Fixed bug: in the Black Market, Mantraps could spawn in areas where they
  could eat shopkeepers.
? Fixed bug: Kissing Parlor: if you have enough money for a kiss but not
  the damsel, trying to buy her would result in you buying a kiss instead.

 1.0 - 9/1/2009

+ Added: [SECRET]

= Mantrap's appetite increased.
= Piranha's appetite increased.
= Dice now reveal whether they've been thrown or not.
= Opening a chest or crate won't cause the player to attack.
= Mummies shouldn't bleed.

- Fixed fatal error: flies hitting a damsel caused a crash.
? Fixed fatal error: game could hang when enemies collided with one another.
? Fixed fatal error: sticky bombs could cause a crash when stuck to dead enemy.
? Code from ChevyRay might fix up the graphics glitch with the "black boxes."
- Fixed bug: lava deaths weren't counting toward your score.
- Fixed bug: Machete and mattock had no back swing when facing right.
- Fixed bug: When an item was held but put away and the player ledge flipped or
  got thrown, the item would disappear.
- Fixed bug: when a rope burned away under a player, the player would continue
  to hang.
- Fixed various bugs related to monsters getting stuck in walls.
- Fixed bug: if blocks were placed directly in front of arrow traps in the level
  editor, it would cause glitches.
- Fixed bug: the player would float in air after teleporting off a ladder.
- Fixed bug: items could get stuck in the corners of walls.
- Fixed bug: shopkeeper could still kill you through 1-tile thick walls.
- Fixed bug: damsel could be shot while exiting the level.
- Fixed bug: monkeys could throw damsels while they were exiting.
- Fixed bug: monkeys could throw damsels into the ceiling, killing them.
- Fixed bug: monkeys had a 100% chance of tripping the player.
- Fixed bug: if a monkey tripped the player during a ledge flip or while the
  player was exiting a level, the player would be stunned permanently.
- Fixed bug: push blocks were generated next to lava pits, causing problems.
- Fixed bug: destroying spear traps next to lakes would not cause them to drain.
- Fixed bug: spear traps could get generated in trees in area 4.
- Fixed bug: flare crates should disappear in the water.
- Fixed typo: kissing parlor shopkeeper would state incorrect price when trying
  to buy damsel (rather than kiss) without enough money.
- Fixed bug: "I HEAR SNAKES..." message appearing in Tutorial.
- Fixed typo: Tutorial sign recommends holding down to run, even though this is
  now turned off by default.
- Fixed typo: "KEEP THE YOURSELF"
- Fixed bug: muting/unmuting in area 3 will make area 1 music play.
- Loot shouldn't overflow over the text during transitions.
- Fixed bug: resetting scores doesn't hide the bonus room descriptions until you
  leave the room.

 0.99.9 - 6/19/2009

+ Added to level editor:
    + Trees and tree branches.
    + Adding "!" to the front of a level name will make it not appear in
      the Load Level menu.
    + Pressing the attack button will now start a test game.
    - Fixed bug: entering a new custom level from a previous one would
      reset the amount of life, ropes, and bombs.
    - Fixed bug: certain objects could not be deleted properly.
+ Added new item.

= Separated config menu from main game (config.exe).
= Lowered shop prices.
= Increased scarab value.
= Made chests more worthwhile.
= Changed craps houses to dice houses with new rules (no cheating!).
= Changed the way that flares work (no more flare button).
= Increased radius of explosions horizontally.
= Trees can now be climbed without the aid of items.
= Tweaked altars.
= Tweaked player movement and physics.
= Beefed up machete.
= Bow has a special action.
= Each bow now gives the player 6 arrows.
= Players can now exit the tutorial level to the title screen.
= Miscellaneous other tweaks and improvements.

- Fixed bug: on some configurations, joysticks were not detected by game.
- Fixed bug: in certain situations arrow traps would not fire when they should.
- Fixed bug: locked chest would not always appear when it should.
- Fixed bug: ceiling traps were rendered inactive in last build.
- Fixed bug: ceiling traps could still cause damage while inactive.
- Fixed bug: being hit by a projectile while holding an item and switched to a
  bomb or rope would cause you to lose the item.
- Fixed bug: shopkeeper could shoot you through a single tile.
- Fixed bug: held damsel would drop inappropriately when near spear trap.
- Fixed various bugs involving the player and ladders.
- Fixed bug: getting stunned on a spring would cause you to bounce extra high.
- Fixed bug: teleporting could cause the player to "land" in mid-air.
- Fixed bug: dropping blocks on [SECRET]'s head incapacitated him.
- Fixed a lot of other miscellaneous bugs and graphical glitches.

 0.99.8 - 2/18/2009

+ Added to level editor:
    + Message signs.
    + Can now set each individual exit and entrance to its own value.
    - Fixed bug: testing a level in the level editor would save the level.
+ Added: [SECRET].
+ Added: new enemy.
+ Added: support for Xbox 360 trigger buttons and buttons over number 10.

= Tweaked movement and physics of player, enemies.
= Smash traps are now lit in dark levels.
= Player now can't throw ropes up in tight passageways.

- Fixed bug: whipping and flipping over a ledge simultaneously could freeze
  the player and cause an infinitely looping whip animation.
- Fixed bug: winning "money" and "time" scores could become swapped if the
  time score was high enough.
- Fixed bug: level generator would only generate left-facing arrow traps.
- Fixed bug: drawing back bow, crouching, and releasing would use an arrow
  but not cause an arrow to get fired.
- Fixed bug: player could hit jump at the last moment to save themselves from
  a long fall.
- Fixed bug: player could throw a rope through a wall by crouching left.
  crouching against a wall could cause the rope to be thrown on the other
  side of the wall.
- Fixed bug: player could use shotgun recoil to "float" off of ladders.
- Fixed bug: firing a shotgun in a narrow passage would cause upward velocity
  to accumulate.
- Fixed bug: "Shopkeeper Slide."
- Fixed various bugs related to the damsel.
- Fixed bug: spring traps would disappear when offscreen.
- Fixed various cosmetic bugs.
- Fixed various other bugs.

 0.99.5 - 1/17/2009

+ New to level editor:
    + load level interface shows list of available levels.
    + user can load and test levels from the editor.
    + the Damselrus.
    - fixed a few bugs with entities in the level editor.
+ Added: alternate light sources to dark levels.
+ Included: custom levels by users in "levels" folder.

= Improved level generation.
= Reworked blood generation.  This hopefully fixes a number of blood-related
= Rewrote screen shaking code.
= Arrows now stick in walls.
= Buffed the machete and mattock.
= Tweaked the pitcher's mitt.
= Weapons now do damage on the backswing.
= Player will now auto-pickup bomb bags, bomb boxes, and rope piles.

- Fixed fatal error: game could hang during transition to [SECRET].
- Fixed fatal error: whipping while exiting the game via rope would crash.
- Fixed bug: player could die from falling a short distance off a platform.
- Fixed bug: [SECRET] was missing a lot of graphics.
- Fixed bug: boulder physics behaved strangely.
- Fixed bug: arrow traps would not always activate when they should.
- Fixed bug: holding up and reaching an exit while carrying an idol or a
  damsel would cause you to drop them before you exit.
- Fixed bug: characters could get shot while exiting a level.
- Fixed bug: standing on [SECRET]'s head could get you squashed.
- Fixed bug: armed bombs could be switched away.

? Fixed fatal error: "trying to use non-existant surface" crash.
? Fixed bug: with certain graphics cards there was a black box behind every

 0.99 - 1/10/2009

+ Added to level editor:
    + "All" tiles, unlockable through play.
    + Users can choose starting life, bombs, and rope.
    + Users can choose music for each level.
    + Users can connect levels together.
+ Added: [SECRET] between areas 3 and 4.
+ Added: new content (it's a [SECRET]!).
+ Added: music and sound volume sliders to config screen.
+ Added: "start" button to joystick configuration.
+ Added: "x4" resolution option to config screen.
+ Added music: "ice.ogg".
+ Added: miscellaneous sound effects.

= Improved level generation.
= Tweaked player movement.
= Shopkeepers no longer sell duplicates of one-use items.
= Transitions display items the player is carrying.
= Player now cannot have the jetpack and cape equipped at the same time.
= [SECRET] has a new property.
= [SECRET] damage is now based on [SECRET].
= Reduced music file sizes significantly.
= Made "title.ogg" and "cave.ogg" loop smoothly.

- Fixed fatal error: held items caused crashes in a variety of ways
- Fixed fatal error: jumping on [SECRET] could lead to a crash.
- Fixed fatal error: blowing up [SECRET] with bombs could lead to a crash.
- Fixed bug: certain deaths would cause high scores to not be counted.
- Fixed bug: money exploit.
- Fixed bug: on gamepads that didn't have analog sticks, "up" always
  registered as being pressed.
- Fixed bug: shopkeeper follow AI would freak out if player was holding
  a "for sale" item high enough above him.
- Fixed bug: crawling on ice was problematic.

 0.98.1 - 12/29/2008

- Fixed fatal error: pressing pay on the title screen caused a crash.
- Fixed fatal error: picking up bow caused a crash.
- Fixed various bugs with the level editor.

 0.98 - 12/29/2008

+ Added: level editor.
+ Added: gamepad configuration.
+ Added: analog stick support.
+ Added: flare key to key configuration.
+ Added: a new item.
+ Added: a new shop type.

= Tweaked player movement.
= Made Climbing Gloves easier to use.

- Fixed fatal error: Holding up or down while pressing the action key during
  Tunnel Man's greeting would cause a crash.
- Fixed fatal error: Selling [SECRET] to shopkeepers would result in a crash.
- Fixed bug: messages displaying only the default key values.
- Fixed bug: resolved most/all issues regarding exiting levels and items.
- Fixed bug: crates occasionally give you broken capes.
- Fixed bug: certain items would destroy explosions!
- Fixed bug: gold collected that hasn't been added to your money total should
  resolve once you exit the level.
- Fixed bug: throwing bombs while holding damsel would hit damsel.
- Fixed bug: flipping over ledges while holding damsel sometimes hurts damsel.
- Fixed bug: jumping off ladders with [SECRET] would open [SECRET].
- Fixed bug: in certain situations, player can stay invisible after blinking.

 0.97.1 - 12/25/2008

= Added some original beta testers to the credits that were missing.

- Fixed bug: pressing action key skips [SECRET]'s dialogue entirely.
- Fixed bug: holding down run but not left or right should stop player
- Fixed bug: level generation creating broken paths.
- Fixed bug: breaking Mattock left invisible Mattock behind.
- Fixed bug: [SECRET] dropping priced item when near shops.
- Fixed bug: skipping intro flavor text would sometimes cause two characters
  to appear instead of just one.
- Fixed bug: certain enemies were not counting as kills, or were being counted
  as other enemies.
- Fixed bug: enemies killed by environment were counted as player kills.
- Fixed bug: enemies outside of room are now destroyed.

 0.97 - 12/24/2008

+ Added: key configuration.
+ Added: gamepad support.

= Let the player replay the tutorial from the title screen.
= Removed possibility of trapped chest from tutorial.
= Dropping ropes into the ground/wall now impossible.
= Let player run by holding down action key.
= Let player duck when standing between solid and platform.
= [SECRET] now only appears after level 1.
= [SECRET] now only appears after warning, with change in music.
= [SECRET] now turns [SECRET] into [SECRET].
= Prevented [SECRET] from appearing inside a tree.
= Made [SECRET]'s power more obvious.
= Increased message timeout.

- Fixed fatal error: hitting a key during fade-in/fade-out during credits
  could hang the game.
- Fixed fatal error: held items would randomly cause a crash.
- Fixed bug: in End Game, door opened prematurely.
- Fixed bug: shopkeepers getting angry over items they're not selling.
- Fixed bug: close window button now works.
- Fixed bug: "YOU GOT THE..." message repeating.
- Fixed bug: could use up flares on title screen.
- Fixed bug: unable to use rope/bomb shortcuts while holding an item.
- Fixed bug: skulls and jars shatter if held when exiting a level.
- Fixed bug: could see [SECRET] description prematurely.
- Fixed typo in introduction: "furroughed" instead of "furrowed."

 0.96.1 - 12/21/2008

First public release.
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