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Author Topic: Stuck in Help & Options menu loop  (Read 1974 times)
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« on: February 17, 2014, 10:28:08 PM »

I opened up the options menu during the Feb. 18th Daily Challenge, and upon trying to return to the game, I found myself stuck in a loop of trying to leave the Help & Options menu and immediately being sent back to it.

Video of this happening:
-Was playing as Purple Pirate Lady
-Was playing with a wireless XBOX 360 controller connected to the official Microsoft adapter
-It was around 9:40ish EST when I first got stuck
-I was on 3-1
-Off the top of my head, items were:
   -Spring Shoes
   -Spike Shoes
   -Climbing Gloves
   -1 Bomb*
   -3 Ropes*
   -Sticky Stuff
   -Pitcher's Mitt
   -Udjat Eye
   -I had the ankh, but lost it in the jungle
   *Might be a bit off
-Had around $400k
-Was about 36-40 minutes in
-Had 5 health

As for what I tried:
   -Going in and out of each sub-menu, as well as changing around graphics options. All of the sub-menus were accessible. I also unlocked the sloth in the midst of all this just for the hell of it.
   -unplugging my keyboard and trying to exit with controller
   -turning off the 360 controller and trying to exit with keyboard
I also collected my specs (courtesy of Speccy) and a ProcMon log that ran while I was doing essentially the same thing that I was doing in the above video. They're both available in all the flavors that each application provides (.speccy, .txt, and .xml for Speccy specs; .csv, .pml, and .xml for ProcMon). I'd prefer not to post these publicly, as these files could maybe possibly contain horribly incriminating information (/tinfoilhat), so if you want them, just post here and I'll PM you a link to the Google Drive folder I stuck em in. Though be warned, some of these files are ridiculously massive:

I know this is probably waaaaaaay overkill/potentially a load of useless information, but eff it, I was bored. You wanted thorough anyway, right? After all, if some other poor shmuck happens to pass through the same spacetime-warping vortex that caused this issue for me, you'll have a bunch of useless gar...I mean, valuable information to cross-reference!

Fake P.S.: I also have this newfangled memory dump (.dmp) file I pulled from task manager. No idea if that's good for anything.

Fake P.P.S.: I can't wait to find out, after all this, that I was just being dumb and missing something obvious. Oh well, I was doing pretty terribly on the daily anyway.
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