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Haven: Mist and Shadow is an urban fantasy horror MUD. It takes place in the small New England town of Haven, which is a weak point between our world and the various other worlds, such as the Wilds, a place similar to our own, but with archaic creatures like dinosaurs and mammoths, as well as several tribes in varying stages of technological development; The Other, the world closest to ours, with magic monsters and the Golden City, home of the Fae race; The Void, a plane of nothingness filled with Lovecraftian horrors; and, of course, Hell.

In this game, the Earth is filled with different factions competing for dominance worldwide, each with their own goals and philosophies. This constant conflict is commonly referred to as the Supernatural Cold War, the Conflict, or the Struggle. It involves little direct conflict in favor of behind-the-scenes, cloak-and-dagger tactics, though violence certainly does occur.

As is common for roleplaying MUDs, players can create characters with detailed backstories, goals, and secrets. However, your character's fears can play an integral part of the game as well- it is a horror game, after all.

If you do choose to play the game, be warned: one of the core themes is that power corrupts. If you make a character who is powerful, they will be corrupt and evil in some way. If your character becomes powerful, they will be corrupted as a direct result- the power may even be a result of the corruption. Perhaps your character is more of a well-intentioned extremist who sees themself as righteous and justified, but whatever the case, the more power you acquire, the more corrupt you will be.

There's a lot more to the game than that- more than I can really explain. If you want to learn more, check out the website here. It's a very interesting game and world, and I highly recommend it!

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