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Author Topic: Spelunky Adventure plz  (Read 7308 times)
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Spelunky is meant to be ruthless for a beginner, It's not meant for everyone. Spelunky gives you plenty of time to complete a level, provided you don't make it your mission to jump on every tile and then go to take a piss without pausing. I've beat levels and then climbed back to the top to sacrifice something, and still made it on time. Giving as much time as you want just makes it too easy, combined with infinite bombs you can destroy any threats without ever being at risk.

And people are talking about infinite resources and infinite lives, thats far from a simple easy mode, teleport fixes are one thing, but infinite ankhs defiles the game more then a bomb defiles Kalis altars.

The game is hard, but cheating ultimately takes away the reward that you'll feel when you finally make it to level 2 for the first time. I think you're ruining how the game was meant to be played, but if you want to fight gym leader Brock with a lvl 100 Blastoise who prolly should be dead from OD'ing on rare candies, and a shiny Mewtwo, then have fun pretending to be a real pokemon master. Ive got to go grind my Magikarp up so he evolves now.
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