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Author Topic: Shopkeeper De-aggro Glitch  (Read 2231 times)
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« on: September 26, 2013, 06:55:16 PM »

I guess this must be common knowledge by now, but I didn't see a topic for it so here we go.

I'll call the three possible states of shopkeepers peaceful, hunting, and dancing. Peaceful: they stand still and don't mind you. Hunting: They pace back and forth carrying shotguns and will switch to dancing if they see you. An additional shopkeeper guards each level's exit. Dancing: Shopkeeper music is playing and they are MAD, jumping around and shooting their shotguns.

As best as I can tell, the bug is this (and as far as I am aware it affects all platforms, and has since the last major XBOX patch which tried to fix enemies aggroing shopkeepers):

When shopkeepers are peaceful or hunting, and a shopkeeper is damaged by an enemy (cobra, tiki trap, snail, maybe something else too), shopkeepers will become peaceful. This behavior is correct if shopkeepers were peaceful previously, but it is incorrect if they were hunting.

(Dancing shopkeepers seem to always stay dancing; there is no bug there.)

I suggest changing the behavior in one of two ways, which I guess were intended:
a) When a shopkeeper is damaged by an enemy, shopkeepers stay in the same state as before (peaceful/hunting/dancing).
b) When a shopkeeper is damaged by an enemy, peaceful shopkeepers stay peaceful, but hunting shopkeepers start dancing.
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