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Author Topic: Daily replay bug?  (Read 1510 times)
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« on: October 12, 2013, 09:02:39 AM »

This was a weird occurrence, but somehow I managed to replay the Oct/11/2013 daily instead of getting to play the Oct/12/2013 daily!

I first played, and did horribly on, the Oct 11th daily on Oct 10th at 11pm EST. I died to a bat on 1-4 with 38k gold. My friend Fanlaen, who only recently got the game and is itching to beat my daily scores, was all too happy to post this screenshot of my failure and his triumph:

Shamed, I resolved that Oct 12th would be different. Oct 12th, I would make a name for myself as the finest Spelunker in all the land. Sadly, this was not to be.

At around 11pm EST, 3 hours after the daily challenge resets each day, I loaded Spelunky and played a quick and fairly forgettable non-daily run to get the cobwebs out. But then, as I started the daily, Groundhog Day occurred. The daily started like any other, running around, getting gold, not taking any damage. But wait... I remember that spike trap! I remember that position of the key and chest!! It very quickly became apparently that I was replaying the same seed as the day before, but my thought was that every player would be getting this repeat seed. It should be noted that I got revenge on that bat on 1-4 with a hail of shotgun pellets.

Eventually, I died in the black market with 57k to my name, my past crimes of sticking bombs to the foreheads of shopkeepers had finally caught up with me in the midst of kissing booths and slave shops. I was then shown my score as the lone listing on the Oct/12/2013 friend's scoreboard, and I went to bed. Sadly I do not have any sort of screenshot of this scoreboard.

When I awoke, I was asked by another friend on IRC:
<Bal> Scampie, score bugged today for you? got 0
<Bal> I mean you got 0
<Bal> I got $150k, missed a jump in ice caves and died on spikes meh

Quickly, I launched Spelunky and learned the horrible truth: Oct 12th 2013, I had been recorded as having died on 1-1 with $0 gold.

In exchange, like Gandalf the White, I had been send back and given another chance at the Oct 11th 2013 daily. My play on what I thought was a 'repeat seed' was actually a literal repeating of the day, and the scoreboard had adjusted to my new high score!

Anyway, a few notes: Playing on Steam version. My computer time and date were not changed and is set correctly for EST. The game does think I've played my daily for 10/12/2013 (even though I've never played this seed). It is obviously difficult to do any concrete repro of this, and there wasn't anything out of the ordinary I did which I can give as steps.

My conjecture is that I feel the game somehow still had the 10/11/2013 seed in memory when starting the 10/12/2013 daily and ran with it, but later the scoreboard corrected itself knowing that a score with that seed must be 10/11/2013. This feels like a pretty graceful response to an error, so good job there I guess Smiley Overall, I'm mostly posting this simply to say 'it happened', maybe to eventually corroborate someone else's story, I hope it helps.
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« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2013, 09:10:50 AM »

Seems like less of a bug, more of a miracle...
Are you sure you aren't god?

Life is surely giving you chances for revenge(here on that bat).
The story seems a bit... creepy...
The fact that weird things are happening.

Also, a similar bug has occurred to people if the next cave generates while you are still playing the previous one. But this looks way different!

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