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Author Topic: Frozen into Falling with Ankh, no respawn  (Read 1361 times)
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« on: August 31, 2013, 12:24:12 PM »

On the 8/30 daily challenge that I played today, I made it to the level with the hedget-containing statue. I thought it would be amusing to watch my character die by being frozen and falling off the edge. I hovered in front of one of those large white fellows that shoot freeze rays and proceeded to get shot and fall straight down. However, due to what I assume was my iced over self causing some strange interaction with a falling death, I didn't respawn. I'm looking at my screen right now (I play in windowed mode) and it's just a black background with the skull indicating I am dead, my money counter, and an arrow pointing to the exit from the compass.

I can't put any commands into the game (pause, move, etc.). For a period I was able to click outside of the window and click back in, which would open up the pause menu. Now I can't even do that and am stuck at this screen. The game itself is frozen, but the actual Spelunky process is not. The game is just locked at this screen.

Edit: The game still goes into 'pause' mode, it seems. I tabbed back in for about 30 seconds and it gave me a message indicating that the ghost has spawned.
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