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Author Topic: No White Flag for Co-Op  (Read 6504 times)
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« on: August 24, 2013, 10:02:35 AM »

Heya, fellow Spelunkers!  I didn't see this anywhere, so I made it myself- it's a very simple mod.  All it does is simply remove the White Flag that appears to the Player in control in Multiplayer.  You can still tell who has the lead, as the camera follows only that person- the flag was just gettin' on my nerves!  I didn't take any photos, as it's REALLY self-explanatory, but  if it's needed, I'll do it.

Here's the DL Link:

Easy Installation:
Download SpelunkTool
Extract "SpelunkTool", "Extract" and "Repack" to SpelunkyHD/Data/Textures
Pull alltex.wad over "Extract"- give it a second.
A New folder called "alltex" should appear
Go into it, to the Folder "ITEMS"
Simply drop the ITEMS spritesheet in, replacing the old one!
Drag "alltex" folder over "Repack"
You're good to go! Smiley
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