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Author Topic: Daily Challenge Bug  (Read 1519 times)
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« on: August 10, 2013, 12:07:19 PM »

Have a current issue with the Daily Challenges last night. I work late frequently, so I didn't have a chance to play Spelunky until late at night. I played a few runs, then played the Daily Challenge level and proceeded to die early. This was playing the August 9th daily challenge level, the one where you find the jetpack and mattock in a shop on 1-2. However today is August 10th, and I cannot play the daily challenge at all. My score from the 9th challenge appears in the leaderboards for the 10th.

Apparently what happened, is I loaded steam before midnight, played for awhile until after midnight, then played the daily challenge. Spelunky still had the 9th daily challenge level loaded, but the score counted for the 10th instead.

I'm not sure if you are doing the leaderboards yourselves or are using some Steam API for them, but it just seems like the call to save the high score should include the daily challenge number (or date) so the server can reject it. In any case, I cannot play the 10th daily challenge, and my score for the 9th shows for the 10th. My housemate was confused why we both died on the same level, but I had a score 3-4 times his, when the gold distribution was so low on the 10th, but was very high for the 9th.

This should be easy to fix, and would prevent the possibility of invalid high scores. Someone playing a high scoring game can wait until after midnight, then finish, and potentially receive a #1 score on the following day.

Anyways, if you want more information, I have screenshots and video of the run, the high score in the leaderboards, etc. But as long as you believe me none of that is necessary.

tl;dr When you are playing the daily challenge when the "day" rolls over, the score is placed in the wrong leaderboard and you cannot run the daily challenge for the correct day.
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