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Author Topic: Impaling a arrow?!  (Read 11113 times)
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Quote from: Arucard
I don't understand what you guys mean by this, what would you change to make the bow work better? Free aim, or angle-shots?
It's more about bringing the balance between weapons. Like, firearms could have finite ammo, which could be obtained only in shops or, rarely, from the crates, while making the bow easily obtainable early in the game. This would force player to make a choice between using deadly but short on supply firearms or stick with player-skill-biased but renewable bow.

Personally, I like the bow and would like Derek to bring it back into new Spelunky PC version. Alongside with the custom level editor.
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Microsoft is too much of a bitch to allow custom levels (and sharing thereof). Hopefully that is one of the "new features" of the PS3 version

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