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Author Topic: No Laughing Matter  (Read 1801 times)
« on: March 20, 2012, 08:22:26 AM »

This is the thread for discussing that thats no laughing matter.

Anyway. There is a 99% chance my mom will be fired from her job.
That is fucking bullshit. My mom works for verizon and the people there are just going around firing people cause they don't need them anymore! Fucking assholes.
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My dad is a fundraiser at his company. usually they set goals of around 200,000 or so a year, and he makes them and goes well over that amount. He got cancer last year and has been pretty sick since, and now they want him to raise 1,000,000. He doesn't think it's possible, so he stepped down and lost a third of his pay. We might not be able to stay in our house.

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