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Author Topic: Level Editor Help  (Read 2927 times)
« on: September 23, 2009, 10:04:55 PM »

Okay, everyone. I've learnt what I needed to know, but so that this thread isn't just pointless and sitting there, rotting away, I'll be happy to answer any questions about the level editor that people post here. If even I don't know the answer, then maybe someone else can check and see if they know it..

Old post:
Now, I have one thing to ask about the level editor. I know it probably doesn't deserve it's own personal thread, so.. Maybe this thread can be to answer other people's questions too.. Just post a question about the level editor and I (or someone else) can answer it.

Anyway, my question is, what do you do with the labels for the entrance doors?
You open the level editor, type a level name, place an entrance, and press E on it, but I can't figure out what that's for? I know when you press E on an exit, it lets you choose which level to go to, but why the label on the entrance door?

Please reply if you know the answer, and I will try and answer any other questions for you.

P.S, I did read the readme file, but it doesn't explain it clear enough. Apparently you can set which entrances you come from, depending on where you came from, so, please don't just say read the readme, it's not that clear.

Reply ASAP if you can, because I might want to use it in my newest level.
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I believe its incase you have multiple entrances to one map. Such as you could have two entrances on map 3. And you have an exit on map 1 and a exit on map 2 that lead to map 3.

You then name the entrances to be entered by map 1 and the other by map 2.
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So, say, you start in level 1, finish it, go to level 2, finish it, go to level three, finish it, and make it go back to level 2, but in a different entrance.. So, you'd enter the name of level 3 on the entrance you want to come out of on level 2, and you'd come out of it?

I don't know, I might have an idea now.. Thanks. Not so sure though, I'll go test it all out..

Edit: Thanks, I know how they work now! I'm going to use it in my new level.
Thanks a bunch Smiley
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