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Author Topic: Explorer's satchel/other features.  (Read 3290 times)
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« on: November 11, 2010, 02:42:19 AM »

Seeing how there's already a mod with a storage function, (YASM), I don't know how much worth this idea could be of, but here it goes.

I love the gameplay of vanilla spelunky, but what if we add a unique twist to the gameplay?

What I propose is an item that would function nearly exactly to that of YASM's inventory feature. An item that could make the difference between living, or game over.

The Explorer's Satchel:How it's aquired;

Perhaps at the very moment the player begins a new game, a message will prompt the player.

This message will be for a choice of equipment; an option found occasionally in rougue-likes.

You would have the option to play the game normally, continuing on with your standard 4 hearts, bombs, and ropes.

However, the other option would be to start off with with the Explorer's Satchel, but at the expense of only starting off with 3 hearts, and 2 bombs and ropes.

Do not fret if you pick the original option; there are still other methods of obtaining the item.

Crates could have a satchel spawn chance of around 7 percent. That way, the player is balanced, and not toting around 3 shotguns, a jetpack, and enough bombs to put bomberman to shame (Yes! Satchel's could hold more bombs than 99, although I don't see the purpose).

Since I do not now the algorithm of how items spawn in shops, Explorer's Satchels could have a higher spawn rate in shops, than in crates (obviously).

You could pick up a satchel, but to equip it, you must either pay, or steal (whether equiping it without permission, or running out of the shop with it).
You could however, buy a satchel of a shopkeep, place every item in the shop in your satchel, and then make a final financial transaction.
Or, you could have an easier time looting shops, as you could buy the satchel, grab everything, then split.

I simpily loved it whenever I came across an "Ash" grave. So I was thinking, "why not implement another type of landmark that has a buried satchel?" This idea still needs discussion.

Explorer's Satchel: How it works;

Satchel inventory space would of course, be limited.
By how much, I still haven't decided.
But a feature I have thought of, would be weight.
That way, we could balance important items with less important items, keeping the game fun, and balanced.
It wouldn't be much of a challenge if you could have a couple of Golden Idols in your satchel, a Crystal Skull, and a damsel in your arms, now would it?

Explorer's Satchel: Other features it calls for;

Limited firearm ammunition.

I've always hated it whenever I got a shotgun; it pretty much meant little challenge from the denizens of the caves and tombs.

Little boxes of ammo could be aquired from crates, and sold at shops.

To reload, simpily drag a box of ammunition over an empty, or partially empty firearm, and click. The firearm would then be filled to it's maximum capacity of ammunition, leaving whatever the difference was still in the box, if any.

Don't have a satchel? No problem. While holding a firearm that needs reloading, stand over an ammo box, and hold up, then press the action key.

More to be added.


When shopkeepers finally gain the intelligence to use their shop items to bring the spelunker down, then we can truly fear shopkeeps.
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simply great  Grin
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