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Author Topic: 3mods 3sources and a dead laptop  (Read 2406 times)
« on: April 05, 2010, 02:27:25 AM »

hi guys,
To cut a long story short my laptop(Toshiba's Satellite series M30X) got screwed and it will take another 6-8 months to become wealthy enough to buy a new one Sad .
Luckily i used to  back up the source files online.

Thank god for friends.Right now i'm using his Sony Vaio to send these files to you.

The updates and bug fixes to the mods shouldn't stop,so i'm sharing the sources files....

Download here -> 3mods 3sources


Spelunky Invincible v1.0
The code to this mod is present under the object player "oPlayer1" in it's F11 event
Also,in the scripts check out the filewrite and fileread scripts,in which i have changed "stats.txt" to "Invincible stats.txt" (i guess there must be some bug in this(similar to spelunky casual)....coz it messes up your current stats READ HERE)

Spelunky Casual
I dont remember how many updates i have made but most of them were in the object "oplayer1" in the step event in the Hurt section.
The big update in this was in the first script of "oplayer1" step event(5th line),in which i changed the value of 'else global.plife = 4' to 'else global.plife = 99' and removed(or commented) the 8th line i.e if '(global.plife > 99) global.plife = 99'
Also, there is an Unsolved Bug...

Spelunky BasketBall
I created an object "oBbRoom"....just check it out.

see you when i see you  Undecided
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