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 on: February 14, 2017, 07:53:41 AM 
Started by Sadodare - Last post by eightBitWhip
I would love to see it. It would be perfect for the switch  Grin

 on: February 10, 2017, 03:47:08 AM 
Started by mcfrei - Last post by mcfrei
Hi all.

I've been recently playing a lot of spelunky, and hey what do you know, i've played an updated spelunky version in my dream. Here are the things i've seen in it:

Two new side levels:

А bee hive level with a new bee-man character.

A water caves level with blueish rocks and small diamonds in the walls, almost every room had some water in it and there were falling stalagmites that could be used like ropes for a short amount of time, and i believe the entrance was in the old bitey area in the jungle.

Different hired help characters and behaviours, namely:

 1) an archeologist, that has a hat and a suit similar to the spelunky guy, he stays at platforms a lot more, tends to climb on ledges, picks up ONLY pickaxe, uses it on crystals if they are directly under him
 2) a carrier? dude with a big pack, he behaves similar to a default hired help, but never uses items that he picks up
 3) a scientist? person in a lab coat, picks up only teleport and web gun, has mad skills in teleporting aka defragging enemies, shoots webgun on walls and climbs up this way
 4) a werepanther man, never picks up items, has really long jumps, attacks with claws and bites enemies
 5) a Kali cultist in a black and red robe that was confined in the prison in the jungle and if you did not have Kapala he attacked you, but joined you if you have it and he always picked up bodies and laid them on an altar when there was one in the level.
 6) alien dude in a mecha suit that jumped on enemies heads and could hover on its jetpack (you could only get it in the mothership)
 7) a bodyguard guy in a suit and cool glasses that stayed near you and tried to catch bullets, boomerangs and stuff with it's body.
 Cool a shadow ninja-like guy that tried to repeat all your movements but with a delay (he sometimes failed and then he just waited until you walk near him)
Also all hired help had parachutes, and it looked like they were infinite and differently coloured (randomly, i think, there were striped, two-colored and with a circle pattern).

The behaviour of the hired help was way different, for example some tend to run a bit on a distance from player and some tend to be really close, also you could stare at them and they stopped moving and when you ducked down they would drop the item they carry

The layouts were more funky, and there was this cool thing - community layouts, where you could fetch a number of custom layouts from a server and play with them, and you got a voting screen after a level where you could like or dislike every layout on a path you came through, and you could choose best or new or controversial for a method to choose layout.

There was layout editor where you were choosing a type from a huge list like mines pass, mines down pass, jungle idol, castle wall and so on, and then you were presented with a list of conditions and a 3 by 3 area (sometimes there was a level border) where you could edit the center piece and could generate sides again and again.

There were really cool layouts there, like custom 2 floor shops, small temples in mines and jungles, small jumping olmeks that resided in temples and could only be killed with bombs or pick, and so on.

You could sacrifice teleport in a mothership on a platform where there was a plasma cannon, and it made an upgrated teleport (sorry, can't remember what was it doing)

If you drop a mammoth in the pool of water and it shooted, the water became ice.

There were also yellow, red, blue, greenish and brown mushrooms growing on the ground, you could pick them up and eat them, and they gave different effects, and displayed alongside of your health for a couple of levels, and i believe that there were combinations that had cool effects, like walking on water, zooming out, slowing time and getting an acid spit that recharged over time, had one charge and was used with the same key that the whip.

And i recall that you could become a vampire somehow, you could fly then but you had to drink blood constantly or your health would decrease.

What parts of this did you like and why? What did you dislike and why?
Are you interested in more detailed descriptions of any of the parts?
Derek Yu, can i somehow help you with coding new AI to the hired halp?

 on: January 30, 2017, 02:33:51 PM 
Started by Carl - Last post by Carl

Ok, I am REALLY MAD about the fact you have to PAY for some spelunkers on the console versions. Here's a few reasons why:

1. I wouldn't even be griping if all versions had this, but NOPE only if you have the XBLA version is there this awful 'DLC'!

2. They call it a 'DLC'! A few minor cosmetic changes that's FREE on the PC version IS NOT A DLC! This is a downright microtransaction.

3. The 'reward'. In the PC version, you unlock these spelunkers and they are really satisfying to receive. But on the console, the only reward you feel is shelling out MONEY for these characters. This is the type of scum that is ruining the games industry.

Why would they do this?!  Huh? It baffles me still to this day; let me know if this is acceptable behaviour in the comments below!

 on: January 23, 2017, 01:32:58 AM 
Started by Kirby - Last post by Urza
I've been thinking of getting back into Spelunky (classic) modding, and also playing some Spelunky HD... Might try my hand and making levels for that too.

 on: January 21, 2017, 09:48:14 PM 
Started by Urza - Last post by Urza
I found that. Thanks though. I'm just surprised I never saw anyone talking about it here.

 on: January 21, 2017, 06:13:26 PM 
Started by Urza - Last post by TunnelMan'sAfro
Most of the maps are posted here enjoy

 on: January 21, 2017, 12:41:37 PM 
Started by Urza - Last post by Urza
How come no one ever told me Frozlunky added a level editor? And come come nobody here ever uses it? Custom levels are one of the coolest features of Spelunky Classic, I'm surprised finally getting the ability in HD didn't get alot more attention.

 on: January 21, 2017, 08:13:03 AM 
Started by Sadodare - Last post by Sadodare
Hello spelunkers,
     Do you think it's at all possible that Spelunky HD could be ported over to Nintendo Switch. Seems like a good platform for the platformer.

 on: January 21, 2017, 05:01:51 AM 
Started by Kirby - Last post by TunnelMan'sAfro
I'm in my basement playing Spelunky. One day I will eggplant Yama...

 on: January 21, 2017, 04:58:30 AM 
Started by 59_95mb- - Last post by TunnelMan'sAfro
Nah I found him he's been living deep in the caves looking for Spelunky 3 inspiration. He's been living on eggplant alone.

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