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1  General / Games / Re: What do you want in Spelunky 2? on: January 05, 2018, 03:18:17 AM
My favorite part of Spelunky is the exploration and discovery when you first play the game. Terraria is another game that mirrored those feelings, because of the wide scope of items and environments. I want spelunky 2 to share some of the basic tenants of spelunky HD (permadeath and procedurally generated levels), but apart from that I'm happy to see the game go anywhere.

I anticipate there will be more online friendly options for PC (replays, real leader-boards, proper co-op) and I think there's a possibility for a character progression / endless dungeon mode. It would be interesting to see a spelunky where you could level up character stats and equipment, but this idea is probably too far removed from the original game's core philosophies.

Quote from: Nidkrig
Agreed. We had a small but quite active community until around 2013. Felt like everyone was friends. I'm almost positive Spelunky 2 will bring about something of a revival...

I'm not sure if this is worth anything to you, but there's still an active community on reddit at /r/spelunky, and there's a an active discord channel too. Most members there still play daily and we upload runs to mossranking. I expect you might already be a memeber, but if you're not you should definitely check it out Smiley
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