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1  Games / Spelunky Support / Why doesn't Anubis trigger spike (tiki) traps? on: August 10, 2015, 01:31:41 AM
I was genuinly surprised to find out that Anubis, the god-like floating enemy that shoots pink hula hoops of death, will not trigger the spike tiki traps when he touches them...

It was very problematic at the time since he was blocking the only way out of the room and I had no way to fight him, esp. with him spamming his hoops and leaving me zero opportunity to whip him. I also didn't have enough bombs to get out, and it was right near the entrance so ropes were of no help either. I was boned.

If its as intended, so as to prevent players from cheesing him, could we at least leave a big opening between his attacks? It is nigh impossible to beat him with the whip or knife. If after say, every 4 or 5 shots he took a breather just long enough for
1- All the pink hula hoops to fade
2- A moment to get close and hit him once

Its my understanding that though randmness is inevitable, there should always be a way out, right? I mean, unless you intentionally fell into a hole without any bombs or ropes and therefore got stuck, that's an exception.
2  Games / Spelunky Support / Remove Enemies from Black Market!!! on: August 10, 2015, 12:58:51 AM
I dunno if this is asking too much or if its to hard to implement at this point... but I think its good solution to a major problem.

Shopkeepers get angry. A lot. THAT'S FINE! AS LONG AS ITS ENTIRELY NOT MY FAULT!

But I get it, everything follows the system ; and the system is random. It can't detect if its your damage or an enemies damage - damage is universal. I get that.

BUT!!! In the Black Market its the worst offender. You have 10x more chance of getting a shopkeep hurt at the other side of the map by an explosive frog that got hit by a spike, destroying all your hopes and dreams of getting to the golden city, BECAUSE OF FUDGIN' RANDOFROG.

So what I propose is this : you don't need to change the system - that's hard as hell and theres better things to work on. No, just switch enemies in Black Market to off!

Its logical too!!! Why would any respectable market let frogs, snakes and cavemen in? THEY HAVE SHOTGUNS!!! THEY KILL ANY ENEMY IN THERE!!!!

I just had a run where I finally got 50 000$ and got inches to buying the ankh. Then I saw with my own eyes as an explosivefrog got hurt by spike and fell in the shop. I said to myself "NOPE!!! THIS HAS TO STOP!!! FORUM TIME!"

If you ever read my post Mossmouth, please seriously consider my suggestion for an upcoming update. I'm sure making the Gold City that less impossible will make many players happy.

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