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76  General / Discuss! / Re: Introduce yourself! on: January 29, 2010, 03:08:50 PM
Hello everyone! my name is liam. i have followed spelunky for over a year now. followed the forums every day. and played nearly every day, have nearly all mods downloaded. and love them all. thanks for all the mod makers out there. and a big thanks to derek for making such a wonderful, addicting, hard and unique rougelike. times played. i reset quite a few times. but. im starting a clean slate. in the past ive had over 1500+ deaths. beat about 5 times. and reset about 10. im alot better at it now. well. see ya guys around! hope to chat soon. but i have to admit it. i found out about spleunky from. kikoskia's lets play. erm, yeah. i dont know how to end this post. but. see ya!

I am a dedicated avid gamer from old and new, i love every type, i have spent 1000s of hours watching other people play on youtube, studying about, and playing nearly every video game ever made, exept for flash games that is just a inpossible amount of games -.-, i know everything since 1972 and a little bit earlier than that. to the present day. from everything from codmw2 to space war on the first computers ever made. and i also know alot about computers and there hardware and software. and also, the biggest thing, im extremly good at them too, you will see me pwning everyone on xbox360 most of my gaming time. lol. on games like cod4 ut3 etc etc. im good at nearly all games. add me on xbox 360 as Leighs1. and i follow the gaming and computer scene on youtube and know nearly all letsplayers. from gavaroc to kiko to jay01234 
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