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1  Games / Source / Re: Spelunky plus Scary on: September 11, 2014, 11:52:45 PM
Wow, Moloch. Personally, I like all of those ideas.

I'm fiddling with "twist" ideas, right now. Each play will feature a different twist, which is revealed some time after level 7. You know, things like "The Monster was Me," "Where is this Ink coming From?," "And then John was a Zombie" and something like the "Truman Show Plot."

I'm also thinking about hiding the player's health indicator, so that their only way of figuring out how much health they have left is by reading descriptive phrases and events in the journal. Things like, "I had a run-in with a local... don't know what you would call it, but my left arm's bleeding. Gotta get something for that." or "I took a long fall today, landed badly. My leg is twisted." or "I found some bandages in a burnt-out shop and patched up my injuries. I feel a little better, but I could use some brandy."
2  Games / Source / Re: Spelunky plus Scary on: September 01, 2014, 07:06:48 PM
You may find this mod interesting and helpful: Line of Sight

Yeah, I'm pretty fond of that one. Although there are some weird bugs in the ice levels. Like how sometimes I have to use a bomb to descend, and how falling rock shelves pass through ice.

I love horror, so I will definitely play this when/if it's finished. The journal idea seems interesting, although it seems a little strange to use the J key to access it.
Be very careful implementing a limited sight range. The most universally hated thing in Spelunky is the sight range in dark levels. This is because it negates player skill(in some cases), and forces the player to juggle items just to get through the level safely. This mechanic will be very frustrating if you don't mitigate it somehow. The level design and enemy design will have to accommodate this change if you want to maintain immersion.

There are at least a couple inventory mods. I really like the one from yasm, and I'd rather go that way with the juggling issue. The parts about player skill, though... what do you mean? I may be either too casual or too practiced to notice.
3  Games / Source / Re: Spelunky plus Scary on: September 01, 2014, 03:36:20 AM
Yeah, visibility issues can make a lot of the things in the game needlessly difficult... I've seen that with a couple of existing lighting mods. Long drops to now-invisible spikes, for instance.

On lights, I'd like flares to be a game element, for certain. I would also like the spelunker's helmet to be/have a light, and to have a lantern item. Each would have a different level or shape of lighting, and therefore a different effect on the Horror Thing and its activities.
4  Games / Source / Spelunky plus Scary on: August 31, 2014, 07:07:16 PM
A friend of mine and I are working on concepts for remodeling Spelunky into a horror game. I really like a lot of the mods I've seen so far. We're going to try to have fun with this, but also do our best to scare the pants/skirt right off you.

Rather than exploring a cave of his own volition, the spelunker has entered the cave in flight of the thing that's been following him. As he goes further down, he'll find increasingly disturbing sights and sounds. Alternate flavor texts are just the beginning. If we can, we're going to make a journal. You can press J to access your journal. Whenever you encounter something new, it will update the journal with words about that thing. Levels will be dark in general, with lit line of sight out to a certain distance. Having a light on you will be important. Not strictly necessary, but it will decrease the amount of scary stuff that occurs and extend the time before the ghost spawns.

Ideas, feedback, warnings, suggestions? References to similar mods?
5  Games / Source / Re: Spelunky Depths? on: November 22, 2013, 02:01:20 AM
Oh. Well then I suppose I'll need to get GM8 before I can fiddle around, then... that's a bit disappointing; I really wanted to see how some of these mods were put together.
6  Games / Source / Re: Spelunky Depths? on: November 21, 2013, 04:57:51 PM
I deleted it from my computer to make sure I didn't accidentally play it again and crash everything, and for some reason, my computer also cannot run winzip, so I'll need to get someone else to download it and send it to me before I can see if that's what I did wrong.

There is no such thing as cluttering this thread up, though. It's here not just for my ideas but my copious random questions. Unless you want the discussion in the Natural thread.
7  Games / Source / Re: Spelunky Depths? on: November 21, 2013, 03:57:15 PM
1. No, as of yet. But there sure are underwater levels made for Spelunky Classic with the level editor.
2. See 1.
3. It does for everybody I believe(for some reason I forgot).
4. Kind of a metroidvania style, right? There are lots of people that may help, just wait.

3. I get these problems, specifically:
action number 1
of Create Event
for object oLevel:

File is not opened for reading.

action number 1
of Create Event
for object oLevel:

Trying to close unexisting text file.

4. I... guess? I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, here.

I just saw a game dev related post somewhere recently that said something like (paraphrasing) "Water levels are usually the most hated levels in games, so use your best music in that level to make up for it." and it made me think of doing a Spelunky mod that simply completely fills every level with water. It would probably be frustrating to play unless the improvements to underwater movement from Spelunky Natural were included though.

Persistent levels is another thing I wanted to try since playing Waking Mars and wishing those caves were procedurally generated each game. In my mind I was thinking more about the no-rush exploration side of it without strict Metroidvania design where areas are locked off and require a certain item/powerup to progress.

Did you find the thread for Spelunky Labyrinth 'Explorer'? The download is still alive for that version.
I made an attempt to continue the mod but due to bugs/performance I gave up.

Anyway, I'm interested in the same ideas you are but I have other things I should be working on! Tongue

Sadly, Spelunky Natural crashes my computer every time I try to use it. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but it emphatically tells me, "No." So, I don't really know what you're talking about with the improvements. Sure wish I did, though.

I did not find the thread; thanks for the link, though. Unfortunately, I downloaded the link from there, and got the above issues again.

Oh hey. You have other things you should be doing, and I would benefit from learning a basic programming language. What a stupendous coincidence! Cheesy I have GameMaker Studio, but it won't open the .gmk files. Do I have the wrong thing?

While it sounds interesting, IMHO it wouldn't be fun unless the mod also included improvements to water behavior. Currently it's fairly poor.

Well, I would love to learn how to make that happen, so this could turn out well. Smiley

Edit: I was thinking about YASM just now, and how I really, really like the way the inventory screen is put together, but how I also like the potion brewing system in the potion mod, and was wondering if anyone may have put them together to making a crafting system such as in minecraft and similar games. How about it?

If not, I see no reason I couldn't start putting these concepts together myself... it's not like I'm going to vanish. I've been lurking around here for years with nothing worth saying.
8  Games / Source / Spelunky Depths? on: November 20, 2013, 05:35:04 PM
Hi. I'm Drammor. I'm going to have many questions, and probably most of them are going to be about mods and related so and such. Smiley

Has anyone created a mod that produces underwater levels?

I've seen the length-changing mods (so many mods, so much fun), but has anyone successfully created a mod that makes some of the levels underwater ones?

And, does anyone have a good copy of Spelunky Labyrinth? The link is broken and my copy can't load right. There are lots of errors when it tries to.

Also, I have an idea for a mod and would like to discuss it with someone, if it hasn't been done yet. In this concept, each level has one entrance, but two or three exits. Each exit leads to a different level, and once levels are generated, they are permanent until the game ends. Any level's entrance is never closed, and always leads to corresponding exit of the level which came before it. Although the level layouts are permanent, enemies reload with each re-entry to the level, but damsels, idols and similar objects do not.
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