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1  Games / Spelunky Support / Re: Ending with the ball and Chain on: September 26, 2013, 01:06:44 AM
Now someone needs to see what happens when you journey through Hell with it. :3
2  Games / Spelunky / Re: Spelunky seeds! on: September 10, 2013, 11:27:21 AM
I think seeds would be a pretty neat feature in Spelunky. Wouldn't it be cool if you got owned by a particularly hard generation, and had the ability to share that exact same experience with your friends? Or if you ran into something really weird in a generation, and wanted to give others the chance to experience it firsthand? Or if you died to something totally stupid, and needed the chance to try the same generation again? I think that'd be pretty darn neat.

That said, I don't think Spelunky should abandon the randomness factor at its core just for the sake of implementing this feature - but that doesn't mean the idea has to be totally disregarded, either.

Instead of having a number of predetermined stages set at random, why not have a coded record of what each random generation is, and the ability to copy/share that generation at will? Basically, it'd be just like how Spelunky works for the Daily Challenge, only instead of importing every stage in advance, you'd be exporting them for future use.

It'd be even better if there was an option after dying/completing a game to share with people on your Friend's List, or to save to the generation to a list (preferably one that could be exported to an e-mail/phone/website/app/etc.). But that's just my opinion. Thoughts? Anyone?
3  Games / Spelunky Support / Coffin Shotgun Glitch on: September 10, 2013, 10:04:17 AM
Now, to clarify, I haven't done extensive testing with this glitch yet, as it's admittedly difficult to replicate. As far as I can tell, it requires at least two players - one dead, and one alive with a Shotgun. The glitch occurs when the living player tries to revive the dead player with a shot from the Shotgun. And, as weird as it sounds - I kid you not - the living player will spawn out of the coffin instead after losing all his items.

My friends and I have run into this glitch twice now, and I believe I have a vague idea of what's happening. Of course, it's simply speculation at this point, but please hear me out. When the living player shoots open the coffin with the Shotgun, there's a chance that the player being revived will spawn in the same location as a piece of the Shotgun's buckshot. If that were to happen in any other instance, of course, the player would immediately die at that amount of health. So, if the coffin fails to spawn each dead player because of that and cycles to the last possible player (the surviving one), that would explain why the living player teleports there without any of his items. Whenever you die naturally, you lose all of your items anyway, and if the surviving player would be teleporting on top of a dead body in any other circumstance, the body would disappear. As for why the player doesn't get killed by his own Shotgun blast, either you can't be hurt by your own bullets unless they bounce back to you somehow, or the bullets have moved far enough by the time the surviving player spawns in the coffin.

If anyone else feels like experimenting with this glitch, I'd be interested in finding out more about it. It may very well be possible with other weapons or items, especially if my hypothesis is correct. Perhaps the Crysknife would serve the same purpose, depending on how many active frames the swing has on it.

Anyway, I hope this information is helpful. And while I believe this glitch is possible on every version of the game, it's only happened to my friends and I on the 360 version and the PS3 version before (once on each).
4  Games / Spelunky Support / Pressing O + X almost simultaneously when choosing "End Adventure" causes crash. on: September 09, 2013, 08:56:53 PM
I've managed to replicate the glitch three times in a row on the Vita version of the game, so I'm pretty sure it's a consistent thing. I've yet to experiment with the other platforms. In case it helps, the message that ensues states:

An error has occurred in the following application.

Not a big deal, but it's a little annoying how easy it is to have this happen, given how small the Vita's buttons are.

EDIT: My initial interpretation of the glitch seems to have been off. As it would turn out, in order to perform the glitch, you need to press O just slightly before X, and you need to do it when clicking "End Adventure." If done correctly, the HUD will reappear in the top left, but the option to choose Yes/No to end your adventure will still appear. If you choose No, you'll perform whichever action you have assigned to O immediately as you resume the game. If you choose Yes, however, the game will crash.

EDIT EDIT: The exact same glitch occurs when choosing "Exit to Main Menu," and a similar glitch happens when using the same method upon clicking "Help and Options" and "Leaderboards" in the Pause Menu. In the latter cases, the game gets hung up on a black screen, and oddly enough, the only way to escape it is by opening the Journal and backing out from its menu.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: I just tried the above glitches on the 360 and PS3 versions of the game, and can confirm it works on those platforms as well. Both systems locked up without the ability to access the XMB or soft reset using the End Adventure glitch. Strangely enough, the PS3 version continued playing the BGM while locked up, while the 360 version did not. I've yet to try the PC version, but if it works for the rest, I'd imagine it works on that version, too. I've reflected this discovery by changing the PSN icon to an exclamation mark.
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