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1  Games / Source / Re: The Spelunky Modification Compendium on: December 31, 2010, 03:36:47 PM
Spelunky Relaxation and Spelunki don't have anything released despite being on the list. And Magneto mod is there twice, once in gameplay changing and once in hero mods.

Also slightly off topic but Mushrooms, Save State / Slow-mo, Dark Caves and No Action Button don't currently have a working download link.
2  Games / Source / Re: Fix the Teleporter [Request] on: January 06, 2010, 04:19:37 AM
It's kind of slow. 3 seconds or so to max distance might be better and being able to go through the options several times with accelerating speed until overcharge could be cool too.

Some kind of charging sound maybe?
3  Games / Source / Re: Fix the Teleporter [Request] on: January 06, 2010, 12:03:34 AM
Indicator would take all the fun out of using it!  Cry
4  Games / Source / Re: Version 0.5.4 of Potion mod. on: January 05, 2010, 11:24:28 PM
And what bugs?  Huh? Are there any bugs that anyone knows of? (There is the case of most visual effects stacking but no one has even bothered to say that and then some other purely visual bugs like whipping damsel causing her to say dozen of things for an instant.)

But 0.5.4(.0) comes after so I launched it accidently  Sad
5  Games / Source / Re: Version 0.5.4 of Potion mod. on: January 04, 2010, 11:12:24 PM

You memorized the link? Huh?
I believe he means the ZOU8GIRUd_g part.

Potions should be harder if not impossible to break. I accidentally whip them way too often Angry  Cry
""I don't know why I am here" she says" would be better than "I don't know where I am" and make it more clear that it's not spelunky thinking that(It is her saying that right?). Making her appear next to door(like flare crates) would help with noticing her before or while reading the text instead of after. Another thing is that there aren't really any other cases where someone actually speaks so you could make it somehow different from feelings but just adding she says to it might be enough. Also the I'm your first thing is also a bit confusing as I thought it was her speaking again instead of spelunky(Also it doesn't suit my image of what he would say but that doesn't really matter Cheesy).
   Also damsel should get more valuable as a sacrifice with love potion. Maybe each level gone through increasing it a bit or just a constant little higher value.

Later areas really should have more potions as I've usually discovered most effects before jungle.

How about making spectacles able to identify potions by adding a little symbol representing it's effect to potion or above it alternatively(without needing spectacles) you could add a simple list of potions to the HUD where effects will be shown once discovered.

You could add potion related things to the stats.txt

P.S. At one point I was planning on making a mod where every area would have only one unique damsel with different look and "abilities" from the other 3 that you could take with you like with the love potion and when changing area you would be able to choose whether to take her with you and end up with more than one to take care or leave her to avoid all kinds of problems her death or other things could cause. Also to make it a bit more bearable I planned to add a ability to use a rope(that would break if player took damage) to tie one to your back. But as I have no pro I probably won't make it at least until someone ports spelunky to some other language or something.
6  Games / Source / Re: Version of Potion mod. on: January 03, 2010, 02:47:51 PM
By main effects I meant that all potions should have same kinds of possible effects  like damage, status effect, health and good effect. And then small details depending on colour like green potion's status effect might be confusion and black ones blindness and red ones lust but of course it'd work other way around a bit more naturally if less balanced with black causing mostly status effects good or bad but not doing any healing and so on.

I'm actually starting to like the idea of color based effect cancelling. At least I want to try it before I decide that I don't like it Grin

You could make the amount of potions area based with first area having three and all areas after that adding one new potion.

Also I could have sworn I posted this already but I don't see it Huh? There are at least 3 ways to die with bubble on: from teleporting badly, health reducing potion and man-eating plant. And the new confuse is much nicer but it shouldn't "reset" if drunk again... Bubble still doesn't protect cavemen I give it to Cry
7  Games / Source / Re: Version of Potion mod. on: January 03, 2010, 01:08:26 AM

I think the bottom line is: I have made my mind, and I really like the color based dispelling  Roll Eyes

I'll still voice my opinion about it in a vain hope that you might change it  Grin
I guess that the main gripes that I have with color based dispelling are(at least I think they are I'm not really sure as I haven't spent enough long hours evaluating my opinion about it to say that this is my opinion no matter how I look at it and won't change it after more thinking.) that it's guaranteed to work without knowing anything about the random effect of the curing potion and regardless of what the bad effect is when color has no other effect + it doesn't really support having more than 3 colors very well.

I might like it more if different colors of potions would have different effects maybe with "main" effects for all of them with some variation based on color or anything that makes the color matter for other things than curing from a long lasting bad effect.

If you can't stack bubbles drinking another one should remove it or just do something.
8  Games / Source / Re: Evil death spelunky verson 0.45! on: January 02, 2010, 10:21:09 PM
Beam is nice for the theme but the rest of it doesn't really add much.
What's up with prize of mattock does it have guaranteed number of uses or something?
9  Games / Source / Re: Evil death spelunky verson 0.45! on: January 02, 2010, 09:35:42 PM
I did too the beam made me invulnerable so I could pass through it easily and push the blocks away... and then I died... Also the blocks are there even if the shortcut hasn't been dug.
10  Games / Source / Re: Version of Potion mod. on: January 02, 2010, 08:22:06 PM
making it color based solves a lot of problems, if the curing effect not present in game too bad, all 3 colors are present always.

if you find a green potions, don't know what it does, and find a red one... you can drink the green one, safe knowing the red will cure you ^^ potion drinking will be more safe for a clever spelunker.

That does sound quite nice! But if any positive effect would cancel any negative effect it could work as effect based(except when all potions are bad).

Another possibility would be that drinking from same kind of potion if already under the effect of it would cancel it. Not so interesting but then there'd be no case of wasting a good potion to cure bad one when it isn't worth it or any other possible problems.
Speaking of drinking same potions you could make bubbles stack with max of 3 or 2 at a time.

sorry'bout that. Any way to give a potion; you need to knock him out, go over to him and press attack while holding a potion, a little complex - but kind of logical.

Isn't attack supposed to throw it? What if you miss him or he wakes up before you use it I probably wouldn't want to throw it then. Purchase button might work a little better(I have no idea why it still doesn't have any use outside of shops)
11  Games / Source / Re: SpelunKi on: January 02, 2010, 07:30:07 PM
The entire point of cursed items is to add an element of surprise and to balance out the good luck you might have with Blessed Items, so they can't be distinguished before being picked up.

Did someone mention anything about before picking up?
12  Games / Source / Re: Project: EVIL DEATH SPELINKY on: January 02, 2010, 07:24:26 PM
How did you play it?  Did MGG release a version?
I believe he was the one who compiled it for MGG before he got pro.
13  Games / Source / Re: Version of Potion mod. on: January 02, 2010, 07:15:18 PM
It's permanent right now ( If it was on a timer; people would stand still at much as passably, and I really don't see Spelunky as a stand still and do nothing game.
A lot depends on the timer, if it took longer than ghost takes to appear it might not encourage standing still so much but just having enough safe ways to remove it would be better than timer at least for an effect coming from potion if it was caused by something else it could be very brief. Maybe rescuing a damsel could cure it too?

Maybe put in a 3 lvl passed until effect removed, or a cancel system; if under a negative effect from a red potion a black potion would have no effect, but will cancel the effect of the red potion. Black cancel red, green cancel black and red cancel green.
Seems a bit weird for colour to matter for effect cancelling when effects are random. Effect based would be more logical.

The first version had enemies drinking on contact, but you really don't want to lose a potion because it touches a enemy, when dropped for any reason.    
You could make it require enough velocity. Or even better you could make it so that it just breaks when thrown and creates a cloud of potion that causes the effect for everyone in touch with it. Cloud probably should have different effect than drinking in some cases.

Also when was the last time you threw a beer on some one? Did he drink it on contact?  Wink
Does throwing one at unconscious person work better?
14  Games / Source / Re: Version of Potion mod. on: January 02, 2010, 03:34:02 PM
animation for being confused is awfully large and kind of weird. IMHO it should stay above spelunkers head and be around the same size as stunned animation.
15  Games / Source / Re: SpelunKi on: January 02, 2010, 03:25:22 PM
How will identifying a item inform the player? will it just say this item is blessed/cursed and has this and that effect this time or will it give the item some visual effect like yellow/purple outline?

Since determining if item is cursed or not isn't that hard you could add a text saying your feeling about the item when picked up.

I quite liked the idea of losing health in exchange for freedom. Maybe instead of preventing dropping you could make it so that you lose health and slow down if you either go too far away from the item or don't carry it for a while but then you'd probably need some indication of what's going on and why like a bubble around the item or a down arrow above spelunker or a big bubble around the item showing how far you can go.
But just preventing dropping is much simpler and probably better.
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