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1  Games / Source / Re: Is the source for any of those mods that update the game to studio available? on: July 30, 2014, 08:57:36 AM
Ah cool, thanks! Shame there isn't more though. I'm worried about any oddly wrote gml or other things changing gameplay logic, in a way that'll be really hard to track down. If I remember right Darius Kazemi had some weird bugs crop up related to that, that ended up just being hacked out for his HTML5 version of the game.

I actually already used the application_surface to handle the display in the port of Barbarians to Studio I'm working on. I can change it a bit to work exactly how it did in Spelunky pretty easily.

Code I've got for that currently (for Barbarians, not Spelunky) on the off chance anyone is interested:
Screen object create event:
///set initial scale
//View port constants
screen_x = 0;
screen_y = 0;
screen_w = 800;
screen_h = 600;
screen_scale = 1;


    if(global.windowWidth/screen_w < scale){//Handle the window being taller than it is wide
        alarm[0]=2;//Work around for window size not working while the frame is still in fullscreen
    if(display_get_width()/screen_w < scale){//Handle the window being taller than it is wide

//Work around for window size not working while the current frame is in fullscreen
Post Draw:

When I start working on porting Spelunky to Studio I'll make a new topic to list each required change in, in case anyone would like to use it to more easily port their own mods. (Especially since GM:S standard is free now!)

Man, it does kind of bug me that there's all of these updates of the game to Studio, this free opensource game, even some updates that someone at YoYo Games did, and none of them provided the source with their changes anywhere. :/

Guess it wouldn't save too much work though, since I don't think any of them were based off of the Community Update Project and the bugs would have to be refixed.
2  Games / Spelunky Classic / Re: Spelunkying 1-14: Most Foul on: July 29, 2014, 06:19:18 PM
Hehe, I like the segue to the mantrap in 1-12!
3  Games / Source / Is the source for any of those mods that update the game to studio available? on: July 28, 2014, 03:25:10 PM
Hey, it's the part of the century where I reappear in these parts again Cheesy

I've seen a handful of projects where Spelunky is running in GameMaker Studio now, but if I recall right, and from what I can find just now googling, the source code isn't available for any of these? Anybody know if the source to any studio port is downloadable somewhere?

I've been messing around with the Linux exporter for Studio, and would like to get the community update project working and release a native linux build. I'm hoping to avoid some work by seeing what all changes others found necessary.
4  Games / Level-Sharing / Re: Spelunky Level Database on: July 27, 2014, 05:21:36 PM
I set up HTTP Secure on the server, poke me if you have issues accessing it.
5  Games / Source / Re: Game Maker Help Thread! on: February 11, 2014, 10:46:23 PM

musHell seems to be equal to 1 rather than 43255608. Also, your code didn't work. I'll check all of the supersound scripts.
Odd, should be some random high number that super sound assigns as the identity of the song. So somewhere between when the song is first played and when the stop music script is called, something changes global.musHell? Looks like a lead.

That stuff I posted for Bae was only meant for custom levels, didn't mean for you to try that, sorry.
6  Games / Source / Re: Game Maker Help Thread! on: February 11, 2014, 06:19:47 PM
By far the most confusing error message I've ever had.

action number 1
of Create Event
for object oScreen:

Error in function real().
This probably has something to do with the music. There's no "real()" function anywhere.
Actually I bet that has something to do with scrReadStats and your increased number of levels. It is pretty unhelpful though Tongue

Run the game in debug mode and see what the value of global.musHell is.
Edit: also in the debug mode there's a way to execute code, try running SS_StopSound(global.musHell); in it manually and see what happens
7  Games / Source / Re: Game Maker Help Thread! on: February 10, 2014, 10:33:09 PM
Thanks! The problems are fixed.

Next question: the music for Hell will not stop. It plays into the transitions, when I die, and continues into the title screen. I've added it to functions in oMusic, oScreen, stopAllMusic, startMusic, scrInit, and scrMusicFade, but it doesn't seem to stop. I temporarily switched the .ogg name out with the Jungle's and it still wouldn't stop, so it's not a problem with the .ogg.
If you properly added it to stopAllMusic it should stop on transitions at least.  Can you paste the code you added to oMusic to load it and the code where you start playing it?

as far as I know Spelunky's music code has been a mystery for years

that said if anyone knows how to add additional songs beyond the accepted 5 to editor levels that would be neat
somewhere near the end of scrInit.

in the script startMusic delete:
        playMusic(global.musCave, true);
        SS_SetSoundVol(global.musCave, 2000 + 8000 * (global.musicVol/18));
        SS_SetSoundFreq(global.musCave, 44100);
and insert:
    else if( == "CAVE")
        playMusic(global.musCave, true);
        SS_SetSoundVol(global.musCave, 2000 + 8000 * (global.musicVol/18));
        SS_SetSoundFreq(global.musCave, 44100);
            var musicSuperSoundID;
            playMusic(musicSuperSoundID, true);
            SS_SetSoundVol(musicSuperSoundID, 2000 + 8000 * (global.musicVol/18));
            SS_SetSoundFreq(musicSuperSoundID, 44100);
            var musicSuperSoundID;
            musicSuperSoundID=SS_LoadSound("levels/", 1);
            ds_map_add(global.custom_level_music_cache,, musicSuperSoundID);
            playMusic(musicSuperSoundID, true);
            SS_SetSoundVol(musicSuperSoundID, 2000 + 8000 * (global.musicVol/18));
            SS_SetSoundFreq(musicSuperSoundID, 44100);
in the same location.

Finally ad:
//Cycle through and stop any custom level music that's been loaded
var tempKey, i;
for(i=0; i<ds_map_size(global.custom_level_music_cache); i+=1) {
    tempKey = ds_map_find_next(global.custom_level_music_cache, tempKey);
To the the script stopAllMusic.

With that, should be able to add any custom "somemusic.ogg" to the level folder, and in a custom level file change "CAVE" or whatever to "somemusic.ogg" to play the custom music.

This is a quick, incomplete (and untested) example though. Needs unloading of music and clearing of the ds_map after the player wins or quits a custom level.

Also possibly needs error handling for if the sound file is missing? If I remember right Super Sound silently fails by default though, so not really needed.
8  Games / Source / Re: Spelunky error in game maker on: January 25, 2014, 12:14:34 PM
Your installation of gamemaker is corrupted.  The easiest way to fix it would be to reinstall it.
9  Games / Source / Free Gamemaker Studio Standard on: November 22, 2013, 09:42:38 AM
For anyone that doesn't have some form of GM:Studio yet, I saw news that currently a free license can be gotten for the standard edition. Download the free edition of GM:S, switch to the beta updates channel, then the next time you start it a banner about the free license should appear.
10  Games / Level-Sharing / Re: Bladestorm (TLS+Magic Signs) on: November 16, 2013, 08:37:24 PM
Cool stuff! I liked the lantern laser turrets in the ship level.
11  Games / Level-Sharing / Re: New Halloween Level (Ed+) on: November 16, 2013, 08:18:40 PM
The .tk domain is one of those free ones, but it has a nasty habit of breaking when you least expect it. I think TyrOvC said it got falsely reported as spam or something.
Got taken down for a "copyright" violation and contesting it failed. (Guessing it was actually because it got too popular and the registry took it back to profit off of an ad filled landing page :/ )

If I could go back in time and drill "you get what you pay for" into my past self to prevent the link breakage I would.

12  General / Games / Re: Barbarians and The Necromancer's Tower (game by me) on: November 16, 2013, 08:09:46 PM
Super final obvious bug free 1.0 version is up!   Nothing's different from the last beta other than bug fixes (info for anyone that already played through that).

Also I made a retro looking manual for the game

Now I'm dropping it around more game sites to see if it'll grab some attention.

Thanks for the help over the past (however long it stretched out to be) everyone!
13  Games / Level-Sharing / Re: Spelunky Level Database on: October 11, 2013, 09:49:15 PM
I don't think any sort of arbitrary five point rating scale would be worth anything, but maybe there's enough traffic for a "+1 button" rating system to be something someone would appreciate.
14  General / Games / Re: Barbarians and The Necromancer's Tower (game by me) on: October 11, 2013, 09:24:48 PM
At the top room with the barricaded door you can go upstairs and jump over the top right side to get on the other side of the door. Not sure if intentional. If I was supposed to go back downstairs somewhere to unlock the door then I'm grateful for that bug (do the runes mean something?).
That actually is intentional, I had that in mind as a cool scene for the Barbarian working around the Necromancer's final defense. I was kind of worried about that route being to jarring a change from most of the level design, but so far everyone that gets that far seems to figure it out.

The runes are just decorative, though I had at one point in mind to show some swirl off of the walls and around the Necromancer for the transformation scene.

When continuing the game there are a lot of rooms that throw enemies/projectiles at you right as you spawn which is really frustrating because there a some situations where you can't avoid getting hit in the first few seconds, sometimes because an enemy may spawn so close to you that you can't kill it fast enough without the sword upgrades.
Now that you mention it that is something that needs some polish! Or maybe going the way of adding a few seconds of invulnerability after a continue might be an effective way to fix that.

It's not bad ^.^ The levels seem really well put together, so you need to plan ahead to be able to get through. I also found the subweapon system kind of cool. However, the stairs seem really glitchy, It's way too easy to fall through them and I can't jump off of them for some reason. I also think the platforming physics could be improved somewhat; I know it's not realistic, but gamers generally expect to be able to change direction in midair.
Thanks! As Moloch said a lot of the physics are intentionally archaic, which is probably an acquired taste Tongue

Wait is 1.0 out!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!
Not quite! (Have I mentioned that you're in the credits for hounding me to finish the game though? Cheesy)

Ok so I tried it. It was alright. I thought it was kind of cheap at times because of the enemy placement, I must of died like 50 times in one room from the enemy placement combined with the knockback. It wasn't TOO bad but it was enough for me to consider rage quitting. I thought the first 2 bosses were pathetically easy, but the final boss was crazy. I could barely dodge his attacks. I finally beat him, with 1 HP left. Then there was a second phase... with no health restore. Really dude? I dunno I found that a bit unreasonable and stopped playing after that. The gameplay was actually pretty fun but as I said: some of the enemy placement could of been MUCH better. I enjoyed the castlevania style graphics as well. The soundtrack was excellent. Overall, it was alright. 6/10 is my rating for it.
Thanks for the thoughts!

A question for those that did make it to the second form of the final boss (spoiler? highlight):
How long did it take you to figure out (or even were you not able to before dying) that to destroy the Lich you have to hit its Phylactery (shiny orb thing that flies around) and that hitting the Lich itself causes no damage? One of those other gameplay things that I'm trying to figure out if I need to make more apparent, and possible visual cues to do so.
15  General / Games / Re: Barbarians and The Necromancer's Tower (game by me) on: September 28, 2013, 09:24:12 PM
Over the last few weekends I've pushed through and got all the final things finished Cheesy

The game is feature complete, just needs bug hunting and fixing. I'm aiming to release 1.0 around the internet on Halloween.
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