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1  Games / Spelunky Classic / Re: im making spelunky 2! on: March 05, 2011, 12:37:35 AM
hey guys! im glad to see our project is causing some healthy debate bc ALL GOOD PRODUCTS DO! im not offended at all what some people are sayin and it tells me that we have an exciting, dynamic project on our hands. i just hope they remember that this is a good day for all of us! well be getting more spelunky!

ok so a few of you mentioned derek's lawyers. this is the only time i will address this but please listen to me well - spelunky was a free game so i can take it and make some more. its like if somebody planted a bunch of apple trees on public property and i ate some. no harm no fowl and hes not doin anything w it anyway.

and yes, OF COURSE we have the experience to pull this off! look what derek did and hes not even an artist! he came up with a GREAT idea and did an AMAZING proof of concept for us. all by himself! its time for us to take over but again we cant be grateful enough to him for his work.

ok guys time for me to get to work! btw any of u come up w a subtitle yet?

EDIT: heh "spelunky 2: bitches 'n gold" Cheesy
2  Games / Spelunky Classic / im making spelunky 2! on: March 04, 2011, 01:20:25 AM
first of all i want to say thanks to derek for making a really fun game. i couldnt be doing this without him and i wont try to pretend anything else.

that said i have exciting news: im the lead developer for a new indie game being developed for pc: spelunky 2! we all love the original so i thought it was time to update it and turn it into a real game!

i really want to stay true to the key principles of spelunky 1 but i also want to take it further. so stuff like the rope will stay there but be made bigger/better like super ropes. bombs will be more realistic, etc. also he never got to make the game have good graphics so im gonna try to interpret what he was goin for but presentable. itll be 3D of course and i really want to push what the pc can do bc it doesnt get enough attention today. WATCH OUT SLOW COMPUTERS  Cheesy Cheesy

lots of blood/gore in the original but if ur like me u didnt get enough Cheesy so thats going to be taken care of trust me lol. i never got too far so i didnt see if u got any more of em, but honestly what i played there was only a couple guns. wouldnt it be cool to shoot a rocket and blow up the walls? or a turret or something? definitely want input on what the default loadout/upgrades should be.

TONS of new monsters, thinking about takin the skeliton guys and running with it. my friend who is the lead artist designer on the project suggested zombies and were goin with that. i never liked snakes and dumb stuff like frogs, so this will be much darker, much more scary. think l4d with the smoker/hunter stuff that can jump around or grab you.

i hate how the old game didnt have a story and the character was just a guy, so im hiring a voice over artist to take care of that and hell be MUCH MORE fleshed out in this one. the girls name is Samantha and ull find out more about her. also rescuing her over and over again is dumb/doesnt make sense so the whole game will be about chasing down her killer. one of the flaws of the old one is it has load sections so well take care of that (open world, etc, maybe w a vehicle?).

ummm lets see. oh right, it'll only be 10 bucks at launch and if it sells as well as we think it will thatll go down to 5 soon after. but def want to hear if you guys think we could get away with 15 once u see a video. we havent really started yet so thatll be a little while, but ill post a link to our dev blog once we get it up so u guys can check that instead of going to this old site.

i think thats it! any feedback/suggestions appreciate etc etc etc. were tryin to come up with a subtitle (spelunky 2: from the deep etc), so if u have any ideas for that post em here.

thanks for reading and i love our fans!

EDIT: mods could you sticky this for me please?
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