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1  Games / Spelunky / Re: Do you need a specific controller for the GOG version? on: August 11, 2013, 01:13:47 AM
Does your controller work with other games?  If it works at all then Joy2Key should work...  all that program does is let you send keyboard/mouse commands with the controller.

And when you say it's a PS3 controller, does it actually act like one or is it just in the form of one?  Like could you use it with an actual PS3?  I use my real PS3 controller with my computer through a wired USB connection.  My desktop computer doesn't even have Bluetooth.
2  Games / Spelunky / Re: Do you need a specific controller for the GOG version? on: August 09, 2013, 09:07:12 PM
If you're using Motion in Joy for the PS3 controller, set it to Xinput/Xbox360 mode.
3  Games / Spelunky Classic / Re: Tellefragging? on: December 26, 2009, 07:35:14 PM
And there is a mossmouth topic I just don't know where it is!
Maybe you're thinking of this post back on TIGSource's forum?

I remember those diagrams being helpful to my understanding of the teleporter.
4  Games / Bugs/Suggestions / Re: CoG Door glitch on: October 22, 2009, 08:00:21 AM
For some reason the final level is the only one with a destructible tile under the exit, with the exception of custom levels. This is either a) an oversight which has yet to be corrected, or b) the ultimate middle finger to the first time winner.

The only way the tile under the door at the final exit can be destroyed is if you do it intentionally.  An inconveniently-placed fire frog is a possibility, but unlikely.
Unlikely? It's not uncommon for me actually. I've had it happen at least 5 times... A fire frog gets spawned and flung over to the right side of the room. I move over to the right side of the room firing off the sceptre. Fire frog blows up the tile.

The door under the final exit reappears after you beat the boss. Though, I heard someone got crushed by the block reappearing.
7000 runs of Spelunky experience for the win!
Heheh, yeah I heard that story too. That's why I tend to hang back until the tile respawns.
5  Games / Spelunky Classic / Re: What other kinds of games could be Rogue-liked? on: October 22, 2009, 07:51:28 AM
Hm I could see the metroidvania working.
Just do several check run-throughs and designate certain areas as requiring one item or another to get. And make sure nothing spawns anywhere unreachable.
Yes. I was thinking about this and was imagining having a level generator which develops areas based upon what items/upgrades have already been placed.

So to use Spelunky terminology... imaging a level generator starting off creating only areas which require a max height of two. At some point the level generator places spring shoes into the game and now any area it creates beyond this point can now have a height of three. We know the spring shoes are accessible this way. Again at a later point, climbing gloves are placed into the game somewhere and any further generated spots are allowed to have tall cliffs to climb. The level generator would not finish entire areas in one pass but leave branches left alone to be able to come back to at later points to simulate the whole back tracking thing. Have it jump back and forth while doing the level generation.

Same goes for other items. Only generate gaps of a certain length until a cape is placed and then you can generate larger gaps... etc.
6  Games / Spelunky Classic / Re: What other kinds of games could be Rogue-liked? on: October 20, 2009, 08:15:18 PM
Yeah, that's what they mean. You'd need to make sure situations like that weren't created.
7  Games / Spelunky Classic / Re: What other kinds of games could be Rogue-liked? on: October 20, 2009, 01:44:51 AM
I was thinking more of space ship shooter. but thats most likely a better idea.
Oh, a shmup? That sounds interesting. I like shmups but one of my biggest gripes with them are that I'd often get "better" at the game not by learning to play better but by memorizing the bullet patterns and what not...

A tacitcs game where you only have one person under your control doesn't seem very much fun to me..  
Well an example (though a pretty simplistic one strategy-wise) are the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. Basically they're just RPGs with the dungeon crawling/combat portion of them replaced with rogue-like mechanics. You play one character and have 1-3 others following you and you control them in a limited fashion by selecting what moves they can do, what items they hold, what behavior to follow... etc. You just don't directly control them. It's not so bad and has a similar feel to an SRPG I think. *shrug*

Thanks to Arucard, I know of one:

Demon's souls.
I hear it 's very rogue like. If I had a ps3...
Makes me wish I had a PS3 to try it out as well. Although I am skeptical on just how much a game can feel like a rogue-like without having random levels. "Rogue-like" doesn't have a very rigid definition (a bunch of games like Rogue? heheh) but random levels are the first thing I think about when I hear the genre mentioned. There being a hundred ways to die comes in at second for me ;D.
8  Games / Bugs/Suggestions / Re: CoG Door glitch on: October 20, 2009, 01:15:06 AM
I'm pretty sure the tile below the CoG exit is 100% indestructible.

The issue here is the tile was generated as a movable block...
Yes... and I assumed this movable block would not be indestructible. Or are movable blocks that spawn under exits also made indestructible? I was thinking more about accidentally blowing up that movable block than moving it away.
9  Games / Bugs/Suggestions / Re: Rolling eye smiley is unresponsive on: October 19, 2009, 04:38:53 PM
I noticed that too! It happens on other forums as well, no idea why though...
Well... think about it. We have a smiley assigned to ":)" and a smiley assigned to "::)".
The first is a sub-string of the second. So if you have some code that scans through your post for these patterns and replaces the patterns with an image and it does so (in a somewhat simple manner such as checking them individually) with checking the shorter one first, any instance of the longer one gets mangled before it could get replaced properly.

Aside from making the code a bit more robust (for instance, doing something like how greedy operators in a regex engine work and always matching the longest possible pattern), the easy solution is to just give "rolling eye" a different text string.
10  Games / Bugs/Suggestions / Re: CoG Door glitch on: October 19, 2009, 04:25:05 PM
Hmm, that's interesting. So on the one hand, it's inconsistent with how the game prevents you from removing the block below the normal exit. On the other hand, that is an -optional- exit... perhaps the same rules need not apply to it.

Incidentally, do exits only work when there's a block under it? I always thought the block under the normal exit being impervious was more of a courtesy to the player so there would always be ground to land on for the exit. I'm specifically thinking of the Ice Caves here, if you blew up the exit's floor in the Ice Caves... yeesh. You'd have to aim yourself at the exit and enter it mid-jump or something.

(I know a fire frog can blow up the tile under the last level's block but it's never occurred to me to try to enter it before that tile respawns.)
11  Games / Spelunky Classic / Re: What other kinds of games could be Rogue-liked? on: October 19, 2009, 03:50:30 PM
Hmm... for a shooter, perhaps a game similar in style to Portal but with randomized levels? I wouldn't really call a normal pure action shooter with random levels a rogue-like. Making use of items in all sorts of complex ways is rather key to being a rogue-like in my opinion.

I could certainly imaging a tactics game being done in a more rogue-like fashion. Probably have your teammates just follow you around (like a pet in Nethack), rather then them all being separate entities though.

Hack 'n slash games are a candidate. Hardcore mode on the Diablo games were considered similar to rogue-likes to some. Randomized levels, permanent death. A bit too fast paced for me at times though. Generally I expect to be able to have time to think in a rogue-like. Still, I think you could take a game like Diablo and tweak it a bit to make it even more of a rogue-like and have it be fun.

12  Games / Bugs/Suggestions / Re: enclosed starting areas on: October 18, 2009, 05:51:30 AM
Hm, interesting. Never had this happen to me, but it seems like it's frequent for you guys.
Oh, I wouldn't say frequently... it's been more of a once every 100-ish plays sort of thing for me personally.
Still, I'll gladly assist with documenting the bug if it's helps with fixing it. =)
13  Games / Bugs/Suggestions / Re: enclosed starting areas on: October 17, 2009, 05:31:04 PM
The thing is, this bug always seems to happen exclusively in the cave, the most claustrophobic of the 4 zones. Has it happened to anyone in the Jungle or the Temple, since the Ice Caves are certainly not enclosed?
Not an enclosed area so to speak but in the forest area I've had it where the only "normal" looking way out from the starting entrance room was where I needed to jump a height of three and that top third tile was a spike spear trap. Only way to get out of the room was a bomb or rope.

It's like the level properly generated terrain with a two tile height escape for me and then when it got to the trap laying part of the level generation, it added a spike spear trap in a position that messed things up. That's even less common for me than this though. I'll certainly take a screen shot if I ever see that again.

edit: Oops. I meant spear trap, not spikes.
14  Games / Bugs/Suggestions / Re: enclosed starting areas on: October 17, 2009, 05:18:01 PM
I wonder if he was hoping that the boulder would roll through the wall.
Heh, yeah. That was my thought as well. Looks like there were a couple other spots before the wall that slowed it down too much though.
15  Games / Bugs/Suggestions / Re: enclosed starting areas on: October 17, 2009, 04:36:14 PM
Here. Seeing them pasted together should make it easier to see:

(Ninja_Zane's four screen shots pasted together. Click image for larger view.)

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