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Title: Bug: Blue devils can stunlock you (even with spike boots equipped)
Post by: glider521al on February 11, 2014, 09:59:35 PM
In today's daily challenge, I found out the hard way, that jumping on a blue devil can stun lock you to death, even with the spike shoes equipped and alot of health).

I remember that the wiki mentioned that it was possible to sacrifice hit points to damage blue devils, but this no longer seems to be the case (and I have since added a note to the wiki here:

I consider this a bug, as I expected spike boots should at least damage the monster, especially if it's stationary.

So here's what happened:
From 13 hearts
To this:
To this:

The entire time, the blue devil didn't move and I was forced to land on his head spikes first until ad infinitum :(.

It's too late for incarnation 802 - ninja guy but I think this should be fixed for other players. Don't get me wrong, I love the game for its difficulty, but this kind of death seems counter-intuitive.