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Title: Moonstones [SPELUNKY NATURAL]
Post by: Xama_ on July 04, 2017, 10:49:18 AM
Special Warning : requires Spelunky Natural. You must download this mod here :

After one year of work (I'm slow, I know that), here we are, with this level pack. It's a kind a thing with twenty three levels, based on the Urza's mod for Spelunky.
There's a lot of secrets levels, so you'll have to play this level pack again and again, also because of the secret's level difficulty, I presume.

But, hey, enough speaking. Here is your link :

Like always, have fun. I'll post another thing in the next days, and it will be bigger. And bigger is it, bigger I have to fix bugs, errors, syntax and other things.

Title: Re: Moonstones [SPELUNKY NATURAL]
Post by: Urza on July 06, 2017, 04:48:51 PM
Hey cool. A new level! And a Spelunky Natural one at that.

Didn't get too far on my first attempt. I'm out of practice for one thing! But it's also a little bit confusing. So many objects that are really just decorations. Nice bit for story at the beginning.

I got to the second level, then entered what I assume is a secret level using a bomb, at which point I got stuck.

Title: Re: Moonstones [SPELUNKY NATURAL]
Post by: Xama_ on July 06, 2017, 08:51:29 PM
Uh. Hem, if you want, here's a spoiler. So, yeah, that was a spoiler alert.

First to know : there is many way to process : you can kill shopkeepers, keep silver keys, and many other of few things I've never tried.

Level > Moonstones

Easy one, it's the start. There is $4000 in the level, and moonrock to buy. Here's a trick : don't buy the rock and keep your money.

Level > !moonstones1

Here you're stuck. Meh =)
Protip : if you didn't bought the moonrock, you can buy a flare to the merchant. It's for $500, so it's worth it.
Next, you'll have to buy things to the shopkeeper : your priority are the two chests. Here's their value and stuff :

Little chest : $1200
> Silver key
> Bomb

Big chest : $5000
> Arrow
> Udjat Eye

How to process ?
There is many cash in the level : near the giant spider, in the !temple platform, into the pushing boulder on the left, and finally, behind the silver door in the top right hand corner : to go here, you'll have to use the arrow and the silver key, of course.

The udjat eye and the bomb are to be used to find the exit, here you're right. To open that chest, you'll have to kill the giant spider, and here, it's not a big deal at all.

Once everything is done, you'll easily find the exit.

Title: Re: Moonstones [SPELUNKY NATURAL]
Post by: Urza on July 07, 2017, 11:16:43 AM
OK, I was confused. I got a little further than I said actually. I made it through the third level (!moonstones2) and it was !moonstonescaveman that I got stuck on. I think I've figured that one in the mean time though. Not sure why it was even hard. May have overlooked the door or something the first time.

I still have little if any idea what I'm supposed to be doing, though I do get the impression bringing items between levels is very important.

Title: Re: Moonstones [SPELUNKY NATURAL]
Post by: Xama_ on July 07, 2017, 08:15:25 PM
/!\ Spoiler alert /!\

Level > !moonstonescaveman

!moonstonescaveman is a bonus level, in fact. You don't have to win in during the game to success that level pack.
However, !moonstonescaveman is a must have to unlock the secrets levels, which are a continuation of many optional levels.

Like you said, the key to win Moonstones is to have always a chest or something else to carry multiple items with you : in fact, when I made these levels, my priority was to use some mechanics of spelunky natural that you cannot find in the original spelunky editor +. So yep, always carry items.

Spoiler : in !moonstonescaveman, you can find the psychical scepter, which has to be used like a key with the hedjet to go later in the gold fundery (!moonstonestunnels). The hedjet will be find in !moonstonesruins.

Hem. To go in !moonstonescaveman, you, indeed, have bought a bomb in !moonstones2. But, special warning, this bought persist, so you cannot buy this bomb a second time : so your journey in !moonstonescaveman is a kind of one way trip.

To exit !moonstonescaveman, you have to kill the golden spider in the top left hand corner of this map : but, sometimes (it happens many times, in fact), this spider jumps and falls in the water, and it's drowning time. This spider, actually, have something like 5HP, and drops a golden key if you kill her. But, if this spiders dies because of the water, you'll not have that golden key to exit the level, so you'll have to try to kill her quickly again and again.

Spoiler, more important : the scepter is hidden behind the giant chest.

Level > !moonstones2

No big spoils here : this level is a crossroads and have many exits, which are :
!moonstonescaveman (you were here)
!moonstonestunnels (a big one, a really hard level if you want to succes the optionnal goals in this one)

You have to notice that these levels can be played again and again because of their doors, which make them playable an infinity of time. But, some items location and condition are persistant, and that the same thing about the monsters, so you can try many things.