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Title: Too much realism?
Post by: Audioworm on March 13, 2015, 11:44:24 AM

We've all been there one moment. You're playing a game and some bullshit happens. You scream out loud about how that bullshit is unrealistic and would never happen in the real world. You urinate directly onto your monitor out of frustration before uninstalling the game and writing a strongly worded letter smelling strangely of pee to whoever coded the game.

But have you ever encountered a moment where the game has too MUCH realism? Games generally chuck many "realistic" elements out of the window because real life is oh so much more boring than video games. And when it's not, it's often frustrating or even infuriating, if not depressing. This is why you can be fighting just fine at 1 HP but then suddenly are out for the count if you lose one more. This is why we have artificial gravity on space ships in almost every science fiction game. This is why even the most hardcore survival games don't, every so often, make you dig a hole in the ground and shit in it.

But some game developing companies will inevitably miss this. They will incorporate EVERY element of being a nurse into their nurse simulation game, especially the ones no one wants to see. In their vet simulation game, they will make you administer lethal injection to an emaciated, disease-ridden dog while a family pets it and cries. If they were the ones who made the Mass Effect series, they would have you wade through years of bureaucracy every time you discover minerals on a planet, just so you can make your shotguns do more damage.

They may even give you the option to urinate on a console out of frustration for realism's sake, because technically, there's no reason you can't.

So, yes.
TL;DR, this is a thread where you complain about moments where the developers failed to realize that realism must sometimes take a backseat to fun.