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Title: Cross Play not working?
Post by: Hugabooga on September 08, 2013, 01:50:07 PM
When I bought the game spelunky, I presumed that I could buy one copy of the game from my vita, download the game on my ps3 with the cross-buy opportunity, and then play with my vita and ps3 together. Now when I went to try it, I have had no luck making it work.

What I tried to do is:

1. Having both the vita and PS3 version on "Play LAN game". When I do this nothing happens no matter how long I wait. (I waited around 2 minutes, does it take 10 minutes or more to work?)

2. I also tried doing #1, but in addition to trying different PS3 accounts while testing it, which did not work.

3. Then I tested and found that my vita is able to remote play the god of war collection perfectly. This shows that my ps3 can "see" the vita on my wifi network and connect to it.

Am I doing something wrong or is this just a common bug with the game due to it's recent release? I was sure from watching videos, and reading reviews that the vita and ps3 versions can play together on one lan game and have seperate screens for the vita and ps3 version.

Does anyone on this forum know what to do?
*EDIT* If it helps much, I thought it would be useful to add that I am using an old 80gb PS3 Fat from when the metal gear solid 4 bundle was released.

Title: Re: Cross Play not working?
Post by: Hugabooga on September 11, 2013, 08:40:41 PM
Well, with having no help from this forum I was able to fix it anyways.  ;D

What I had to do was simple actually, my ps3 ip address was something like Then what I did was make my vita's ip address, just one above it. By doing this, my ps3 was able to connect up to the vita and wham it actually worked.

Now for anyone attempting to fix it in this method, I would suggest going to the internet connection status on your ps3 (Under : Settings>Network Settings>Internet Connection Status), and then entering all the info there on your vita exactly except for the IP address and just use way I did it.

I hope that anyone with this problem can have this solution actually work for you. For me, I cannot wait to play with my vita and ps3 together now that it works.

Title: Re: Cross Play not working?
Post by: Brof. Yarott on September 12, 2013, 06:40:49 AM
The way you described your solution just means that Blitworks just goofed on Cross-Play support. This is a High Priority Bug to fix in the first patch update.