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Title: Spelunkonian Poetry
Post by: beatthelastboss on November 04, 2009, 09:10:08 PM
Friends, Spelunkers, lend me your ears;

For it is time to indulge in the most sophisticated of life's pleasures, and that is... Poetry. And not just any poetry, but the most painfully beautiful poetry of all time, from the spelunkonian era. Little known fact that the spelunkonian era happened somewhere between the bronze age and the Renaissance (We think). It consisted mainly of a guy with a funny hat and lots and lots of gold. I have collected the two existing works ever created that the society has recognized, but we will gladly consider new additions. And without further ado, spelunkonian poetry:

I've never seen a yeti with a jet-pack,
I do not think I'll see one.
But, barring some financial setback,
I'd really like to be one.

Author : Yeti, better known as Dirk

On Spelunky

Who ventured deep in caves that creep
With spiders and undead?
Who rescued fair young maidens there
When lesser men had fled?

Who sought the gloom of mummies' tombs
And unearthed secrets old?
Who, armed with whip, gun at his hip,
Found the City of Gold?

'Twas Spelunker! 'Twas Spelunker!
The ancient legends tell;
'Twas Spelunker! 'Twas Spelunker!
Your game is hard as hell.

But darkness calls inside us all -
He felt his resolve falter.
Should helpless maid be saved, or laid
Upon an ebon altar?

She can't escape her grisly fate;
He mocks her mortal folly
And takes her soul in bloodied bowl -
A gift for Mother Kali.

'Tis Spelunker! 'Tis Spelunker!
His exploits made him rich.
'Tis Spelunker! 'Tis Spelunker!
A real son of a bitch.

Author : William Shakespeare... No wait, my apologize, it was actually done by a sir "Mag Flare"...

Weep at the majesty of these works of art, and create your own masterpieces, and get a chance at becoming part of history!

Title: Re: Spelunkonian Poetry
Post by: beatthelastboss on November 11, 2009, 12:00:28 PM