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Title: Spelunky Stories
Post by: Bae on July 28, 2012, 06:25:15 PM
Let's have a thread to talk about the zany stuff we've had happen to us in the new spelunky (I think there might have been a thread like this for the pc version hmm).

Yesterday, playing with a friend:
During what I called an "uncooperative run" (in which both of us would die quickly) I ran off with a damsel before my friend could grab her, jumped down a floor, spotted a arrow trap and managed to turn in time to use the damsel as a shield... which shot her out of my hands, bounced her off a wall, and landed her in spikes, much to my friend's amusement.

Then later during a proper cooperative run my friend was dead and I found a coffin in the jungle to resurrect her with, only I was holding a boomerang and wasn't thinking about how it worked, so when I broke it open she get hit and flew backwards and died.

Older single player stuff:
On one of my best early runs I managed to get 6 health and a boomerang before the end of the end of the caves... and then died because I somehow managed to not jump over a pit and instead jump one tile ahead and land in the spikes that were a tile in front of me.

Dumb blog posts copied over from my Tumblr because I dont want to rewrite them as past-tense stories:

"Worst part about the new Spelunky is theres a journal to fill up with entries about all the stuff you find and for traps enemies you have to either kill it or get killed by it to get it in the journal.
So sometimes Iíll see something thats invincible and throw myself at it in order to get it added to the journal."

"Wow I just survived getting punched by a caveman, a long fall, dodged an arrow trap and two smash blocks, narrowly dodged a tiki trap then outran a tomb lordís flies.

"But then I got a dark level.

"I was trying to finish up some of the journal and managed to get a beehive in a restless dead level.
Iím disappointed the bees arenít undead themed like everything else.
Cause think about it.
Zom-bees. "

"/Spelunky HD spoilers
So in the new Spelunky there is a snail enemy and a hard to get shield item.
The shield is super cool because you can just run into stuff and push it into a wall to kill it and nothing will hurt you unless it hits your back.
But what really amuses me is if you charge at a snail that way the snail goes SUPER FAST because youíre running at it with the shield and it just makes me laugh a lot because vroom vroom vroom gotta go fast I am the fastest snail.
And then it dies from going too fast and hitting a wall.
The end."

I've also managed get around three Undead/King Piranha/Dark levels so far ._ .
/end story time, your turn

Title: Re: Spelunky Stories
Post by: marsgreekgod on July 28, 2012, 06:32:31 PM
I was playing with two other people and I was the only left alive, this is the first time the team made it to the jungle. last level of the jungle, I hat a lot of gear and a shotgun with out angering a shopkeep.

Then I died

droped all my stuff, flew down into a hole.

and right into a coffen.

and the other play came back to life

no music, music was gone, but he could still play,

but he didn't have any ropes or bombs, he couldn't get my stuff...

untill I blew it to him off the cliff

we got to the temple

Title: Re: Spelunky Stories
Post by: Wonkyth on July 29, 2012, 12:31:56 AM
You have a blog, Bae? :P

Title: Re: Spelunky Stories
Post by: RumblezMan on July 29, 2012, 09:43:00 AM
(Today it happened, also hello this is my first post)
I was playing with my cousin and his cousin (not mine, hope you understand) and ony one was alive, which was one of them, and he found a coffin down at the screen, he had one "heart", jumped it: "I'll get the cof- died".

Title: Re: Spelunky Stories
Post by: Hayden on July 29, 2012, 05:43:57 PM
I was JUST in hell, with 0 bombs and a ghost chasing me. I jetpack'd my way around the level, looking for a crate, because the shopkeeper was haunting the exit. A confined exit. So all he could do is jump around within the same 2-block-wide space.

I managed to find ONE crate. In this crate.. Was a camera. I thought "oh damn, I'm doomed, but at least this can stun the ghost!"

So I stunned the ghost, far from the exit, and decided I had no other choice but to go down and risk being killed by the shopkeeper. I managed to stomp on his head, killing him. Phew! Onto the next level with my camera.

I had about $600,000 and felt nervous, since I wanted at least an 800k run. I spawn next to a damsel, who is enclosed in 8 blocks. Or.. Is it a damsel? Nope. I flashed my camera over it's body and it INSTANTLY died! At that point, I remembered: The camera kills it all. Vampires, bats, jiang shi. And now I know it kills the succubus.
I decided to go and test it on imps. Great success! :D
They all die with one camera flash. The devils are only shortly stunned by it, unfortunately, but I only expected that. I also didn't get to test it on vlad, since I had no bombs and I was NOT risking my self that way. I used my last bomb getting the amulet and I didn't want to tempt him when I had 600k.

I made it through hell easily with my trusty camera. The camera DOES stun the ox face and horse head, too. So I used it on them and jumped on their puny inferior heads! Mwahaha. From there, I flew around and flashed every vampire or jiang shi I could see, clearing the world of EVERYTHING but yama. I also tested to see if there were any easter eggs in the lava at the bottom, there are not.

Anyway, I didn't get to test the camera on yama cos I was too nervous, but I did managed to get 8th on the all time high score leaderboard with Yang as my character. So as I type, I am on the very first page of the all time high scores, and #1 in the weekly scores. I am also the only one on the all time high scores board with a yang run. ^_^

Also, sorry k0rruptid239 if you're reading this, because I knocked you off the first page of the scores leaderboard, haha. Assuming you ARE k0rruptiD on XBL.

Edit: Also, my score was $835, 875. I was kinda disappointed, since my signature numbers are 785. If only the 8 and 7 were switched around, I'd have been laughing and crying of happiness.

Title: Re: Spelunky Stories
Post by: AwwDang on August 01, 2012, 05:21:42 PM
I have a pretty good story to tell. So my friend hasn't beat hell yet. We decided to take on the hell run in coop. Long story short we reach hell and to King Yama. You know how when you get there and it goes into that short cinematic of him pounding the ground? Well as the screen rises we see Anubis II's spawn portal... Then the screen re-position to us dying by 2 Anubis II.  ;D Good times.

Title: Re: Spelunky Stories
Post by: Nathan on August 01, 2012, 07:59:14 PM
Lol  ;D

Title: Re: Spelunky Stories
Post by: livebyfoma on August 02, 2012, 02:42:33 AM
I could write these out as stories, but it's 4:40 AM and I'm lazy, so these videos will have to do. NSFW language.

Co-op goes horribly wrong. We all throw ourselves at Kali's altar, whipping madly while trying to save it from a fire frog, ending in hilarious results:

Ridiculous ghost chase. Skip to 2:20 if you're too lazy to watch the whole thing, but it's entertaining throughout considering I have 0 bombs and 0 ropes:

Title: Re: Spelunky Stories
Post by: AwwDang on August 04, 2012, 01:54:47 AM
I could write these out as stories, but it's 4:40 AM and I'm lazy, so these videos will have to do. NSFW language.

Co-op goes horribly wrong. We all throw ourselves at Kali's altar, whipping madly while trying to save it from a fire frog, ending in hilarious results:

Ridiculous ghost chase. Skip to 2:20 if you're too lazy to watch the whole thing, but it's entertaining throughout considering I have 0 bombs and 0 ropes:

On your second video at 0:18 secs, you can make that jump to the ledge above you. It requires practice but its possible.

Title: Re: Spelunky Stories
Post by: Skoke on August 05, 2012, 04:59:08 PM
Playing co-op with nathantcash. I had huge amounts of favor a kapala climbing gloves spectacles udjat eye and cape and kapala. Nathan was making me be careful and stuff. Second temple level get a croc man teleport above me dropping me to the lava and Nathan didn't have bombs to retrieve my stuff

Title: Re: Spelunky Stories
Post by: Nathan on August 05, 2012, 08:41:51 PM
You also had 11 hearts. I got a dead is restless level the minute you left :)

Title: Re: Spelunky Stories
Post by: Hayden on August 09, 2012, 04:58:53 AM
I had successfully reached Olmec on a no gold run. So close to the achievement. He was one block away from dying in the lava. But a BAT killed me. A BAT.



Title: Re: Spelunky Stories
Post by: maxpower42 on August 23, 2012, 08:39:08 PM
play through number 2037. ive beaten the game the easy way once. been to hell once before with a few bombs, the cape and no shotgun. made it to hell again today with the jetpack, shotgun, kapala, 15 health, but still just 3 bombs. its looking very promising. im starting to shake because i think i can do it. ive avoided spoilers of things in hell because since i played the hell out of the pc version there are fewer surprises in the game for me and i like the surprises. so its level 5-2 and i try to jump on one of the blue guys and i get stuck in a headbutting loop that zaps my 15 health in a matter of seconds while i am screaming at the tv the whole time! oh well. now i know not to do that next time. i should have used my one last bomb on him.

Title: Re: Spelunky Stories
Post by: Nathan on August 23, 2012, 09:33:23 PM
And when you finally get to hell again another new enemy will mutilate you :p

Title: Re: Spelunky Stories
Post by: Bae on January 31, 2014, 12:19:40 PM
Ok, I definitely have to bump this

Today I have acquired the God Luck (not dissimilar to the God Hand).
First thing I did was turn the game on and attempt the Daily. I finished the game.
This is the first time I've ever done an Ironman (beating the game from 1-1) run of HD (actually I can't remember ever doing an Ironman of classic...) so it's pretty exciting to me! Also if anyone's wondering, yes you can unlock the Achievement while on Daily Challenge.
Also when I finished it I was 260th on the leader board, it feels pretty good.

After that I shut the game off for a while, thinking there's no way I'd top that. I came back later and attempted to get the Casanova and Public Enemy achievements (save 10+ damsels and kill 12+ shoppies respectively). After a handful of attempts of those I got the Casanova achievement, and in my Public Enemy run I accidentally turned it into a City of Gold run immediately after unlocking the achievement.

What happened was I got a Jetpack early on (in both these runs actually) and accidentally angered a shoppy in a stronghold right before getting to the Black Market, so Jetpack and Shotgun, I was pretty set and able to get through the Blackmarket even with them all pissed off (in fact most of them died before I got to them, even the one selling the Ankh, mysteriously enough).

After the achievement popped in the Ice Caves I accidentally died... somehow... but I died right beside the Moai head, not even thinking about trying to get to the COG.
Next level, shop with a Jetpack, and since it's the Ice Caves the shoppy was easy to lure out into the abyss. Unfortunately the shoppy gaurding the exit must have fell off before I got to him as he was nowhere to be found, but there was a crate right beside the exit that had another Shotgun in it.

So, by luck, I got both a Shotgun and a Jetpack twice. Once in the first half of the game, once in the Ice Caves.

From there I was able to get through the Temples easily, and luckier still Anubis died somehow before I got to him as well, it's like the game was just HANDING me items. Totally unlike any luck I've ever gotten in Spelunky, and even though I had to ditch the shotgun to bring the scepter to the next level, I found another stronghold shoppy I was able to lure out and sticky with bombs, and then juggled the scepter, the shotgun, and a pug to the exit to the COG.

I didn't really do much in the COG, just found the golden monk and nabbed the necrolongname and hauled ass out of there.

Olmec was going well too, killed Anubis II almost immediately with the shotgun, and lured Olmec away so I could dig a hole to the Hell door, unfortunately I didnt fully think through where I was going to stand, so I ended up getting squished one tile above the door.

A bad end to a perfect run, but getting three achievements, a new character, and two of the harder entries to the journal I am pretty happy with this run.

In fact, it's probably my most profitable run yet, with some honestly good stats.

(I didn't harvest any gold in the COG so it could have been much higher yeah, but still really good)