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Title: Spelunky for MAC OS X
Post by: theSlugman on May 15, 2011, 12:34:06 AM
Hi, I am a big of Spelunky but was put off when I realized it wasn't for mac.

I ran it via bootcamp in windows 7 for sometime but switching over to windows for such a simple game was very frustrating.

While it would be great for mr. Yu to port the game to OS X (sounds easy to me but what do I know) there is a way to play natively on your mac.

I came across a method that allows me to play spelunky in OS X and so far without freezing or any bugs. *FLAWLESS*

Anyways if you want to play spelunky on your mac, just download a program called "Crossover Games" and follow the instructions posted below to get it running.

The program costs money, so pay if you can... or borrow this preregistered version ;)

I take no responsibility for any of this information or software.. but I'm very happy someone made it this easy for me: thank you GodAtPlay!

Now get out your whip and get crackin!

Title: Re: Spelunky for MAC OS X
Post by: patmagroin on July 01, 2011, 12:34:34 AM
it lag's really hard when there's text on screen, any help ???