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Title: I have a mod request oh kind modders of mossableness
Post by: Norsker9 on January 01, 2011, 01:41:51 PM
I think it would be super cool if people made a mod that would make spelunky a little bit easier for noobs like me, but also a little more sandbox-as in more features to choose from rather than the linear stuff, I think people should have more opinion as to the best stuff in the game, for instance: jetpack = best mobility, shotgun = best weapon. so I have compiled a feature wishlist here, plz forgive me if it looks hard as I know nothing about modding.

New items: implement the ninja suit like TLS did, beautiful work on that mod Halibabica!

make a rifle of sorts faster fire rate than shotgun, less bullets

make the jordans part of the game maybe?

the deathmask would be nice as a sort of a "half favor off" device to get favor on the run by picking up and destroying humanoids for less favor than a regular altar, so a dead caveman wouldn't be worth any

add some sort of alternative way to get more health, perhaps an achievement that unlocks a new shop item similar in worth to the ankh and work like the kapala? and when a shop has an item of 20000 or more it will have two bodygaurds, one inside, one out, both with shotguns. (to make it harder to just steal shit)

make the dead parachute able to equip and reuse on entry to the next level

make a crossbow, no holding down action to pull arrows back, and give it the ability to fire up, HOWEVER, to balance don't let it shoot bomb arrows?

make a spear, to go alongside the machete in earlier levels, give it more frontal range, perhaps an extra tile, but no arch to get spiders and bats, less frequent use of it, so if the reuse on the machete is (I'm guessing) .3 secs than spear should be .5 or .7

make a rocket launcher, same price as paste in shops, becuase it uses a bomb from your inventory to prevent infinite use and detonates it on impact

sniper: a very slow firing, deadly single shot with high velocity.

make a glider, to give the jetpack rivals! it will deploy if you press jump when already in the air and infinitely glide horizontally

add any other stuff you want, I only wanted those items

Gameplay changes:

More altars plz, lol, I can never find an altar with more than a caveman on the same level

make the end boss move faster, I found him too easy

make dead shopkeepers more favor, no one I know has given a live one to kali

make shops beastlier, give one bodygaurd on top of the shopkeeper, still robbable if u use bombs JUST RIGHT ... three bodygaurds for more valuable items

give the mattock more usage

perhaps give damsels only 1 health to make it harder to get them but make them heal 2 at the end (arrow traps never kill my damsel ... WHY!?)

give tunnel man more bombs, no rope, two health, MORE BOMBS!

New Features:

The good/bad alignment thing would be nice but an expansion of what the original mod has, for instance, more ways to do good/bad

Inventory would be ... AWESOME! YASM is my second favorite mod, you should put an inventory like that in, that is the biggest priority here :)

If its too much than ... wtf I don't care I'm just bored is all so I posted these ideas

Title: Re: I have a mod request oh kind modders of mossableness
Post by: marsgreekgod on January 01, 2011, 02:57:41 PM
1) wrong place

2) what in the world are you talking about, this is a punch of random ideas, with no thought of how they would be in game.

Title: Re: I have a mod request oh kind modders of mossableness
Post by: Norsker9 on January 01, 2011, 05:15:25 PM
ahh, sorry about the place dude, but these are just ideas I want to see in someones mod implemented how THEY want, cus I don't want to be picky over someone elses hard work